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Is It Possible To Wear A Wig Every Day?

It is okay to wear a wig every day as long as you are taking care of the hair underneath the wig. Be sure to routinely wash both the wig and your own hair in order to avoid dirt buildup.

Wearing the same wig every single day will eventually put a strain on the wig. For that reason, follow 9 tips to keep your wigs looking healthy and prolong their life:

How To Take Care  Of A Wig?

1. Wash your wig before you wear it.

Don’t wear it straight out of the box. When you first remove a wig from its packaging, it tends to retain the shape of the packaging, which will give it a fake, synthetic look. Style it yourself, or consider taking it to a hairstylist who can cut it to make it look natural.

2. Don’t wear a wig when you are sleeping.

As there is friction between wigs and pillows. It will damage your hair wig, causing the hair to tangle and dry. Besides, you need to restyle your wig the next day to offer yourself a good look. So you’d better take off your wig before going to bed.

3. You need to take your wig off and do some hair care regularly.

People can wear a wig every day, but sometimes you still need to take it off. On the one hand, your scalp needs to breathe. On the other hand, the wig also needs to do some hair care to keep your wig in good condition. 

4. Consider a partial wig.

There’s no need to commit to a full wig every single day, especially if you are new to wigs. Instead, try a half-wig or experiment with a topper piece. Just be sure to blend it thoroughly into your natural hair texture.

5. Choose a suitable wig

As a person who wears a wig every day, you need to choose a suitable wig for yourself. Like a headband wig that is affordable, convenient to take on and off, and easy to maintain.

6. Store A Wig Properly

Taking your unit to store in the right place makes sense. While your wig is not in use, place your hairpiece on a wig stand or styrofoam head, and don’t forget to locate it in a cool and dry environment.

7. Make your wig fit your head

Make sure you obtain accurate head measurements before choosing a wig, wearing the correct size not only helps your wig from slipping around on the head but also gives you a soothing and comfortable feeling on your scalp.

8. switch up your wigs

Prepare 2-3 wigs is the ideal way to wear a gorgeous wig every day, so you can rotate to wear them and give enough time between washings. Also, they will have longer longevity over time than regularly wearing the same wig every day. Besides, you also have the option to wear different styles day by day.

9. Clean your heat and styling tools

It is necessary to keep your styling tools clean to protect wigs’ lifespan because dirty or uncleaned tools usually gather old product residue and dust, tools include a comb or hot iron, through carrying out this step, you won’t wash your wig too frequently, and make sure the wig last longer.

"Ensure to provide adequate care for your wigs to maximize their lifespan and potentially extend it beyond expectations."

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