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Can You Reuse A Lace Front Wig

Generally speaking, a frontal wigs human hair ensures your entire look seamlessly, a plenty of people choose human hair lace front wigs to revamp themselves. To start with the question ‘Can lace front wig be used more than once’, the answer is ‘Of course, even reused many times with proper care.’ Just follow me to explore the final result.

water wave lace front wig with baby hair


Can You Reuse A Lace Front Wig

How To Make Lace Front Wigs Reused As Much As Possible

Where to Select Upscale Human Hair Lace Front Wig?

Keep reading on to go over useful tips about hair care and maintenance for your lovely lace front wig.

Can You Reuse A Lace Front Wig

The answer can be summarized in a word: you can wear your lace front wig more than once and are absolutely sure for replicated use, however, the re-usability of a lace front wig can be affected by some situations:

The Type of Hair

A human hair lace front wig is more likely to revive than a Synthetic hair, it is the same idea that a wig made of higher quality means lasts longer time than a low-quality material. So if you want to increase the reused times of frontal wig, it is wise to make the correct option for a top-quality type of wig.

Wig Styled Condition

Be warned though another thing whether chemical deal(dye, bleach hair) or heavily processed physical heat to your hair strands can cause irreversible damage. This makes sense to spray heat-protectant before heating hair locks. It is also especially helpful to follow the professional barber owner’s suggestion before coloring or bleaching your wig.

How To Make Lace Front Wigs Reused As Much As Possible

As we all know, if you take good care of a lace front wig it can last over one year. Nobody can say a lace front wig can last all the time, but we can take action to reuse a lace front wig. It’s important to master maintaining tips and select a colored lace frontal wig if needed.

Tips For Maintaining Your Lace Front Wig

Tip1 Wash and condition your wig using ingredients that are free of Sulfate, which may lead hair to dry or break. 

Tip 2 Never use hot water while rinsing your wig, luck-warm or cool water is recommended.

Tip3 It is best to Air dry your wig instead of blow-dryer

Tip4  Don’t throw your wig on the desk or closet casually when not in use, you should be aware of storing the wig in a cool and dry place can protect it in good condition. It is considered that the wig into a box or plastic bag to prevent it from dust and sunlight.

Tip 5 Add oils to moisturize your wig on time once you feel your wig get dry, scrub it using your finger through the hair to penetrate the hair shaft.

Buy A Colored Wig

 styled lace front wig can be curled

When it comes to colored wigs that in a variety of colors and textures for your choice, don’t be afraid of risk making mistake during the dyeing or coloring process. These fashional looks can avoid damaging from your hair texture. You only need to maintain and care your colored wig properly, so they can look chic for a long time.

Where to Select Upscale Human Hair Lace Front Wig?

Ms Hair Website adopts premium and advanced craft for the manufacture of high-quality lace front wigs, Hairs are hand-tied onto exquisite HD transparent lace at the front of the hairline, and it’s your choice to show off natural hairline with pre-plucked baby hair, Meanwhile, MS Hair official store sincerely provides you excellent experience, with free shipping and styling offered for each order, and after-sale service is attentive and professional.

Final Word

This post will aid in how to maximize the worth of a lace frontal wig through care for and reuse it. Reusing your lace front wig is a practical way to save your money, Definitely read the above tips before throwing your wig in the trash.

FAQ About Lace Front Wig

Q: How Many Times Can A Lace Front Wig Be Worn?

A: Professional stylists suggest exactly not to wear a wig for more than 6 weeks, because after 6 weeks that oil and crusty gathered which could ruin your wig. In order to extend the service time of the wig, you can take turns wearing different wigs after taking off your hairpiece, It is very useful to prepare 2-3 wigs that you replace so you can always look new and fresh.

Q: How long will a human hair lace front wig last?

A: My human hair wigs (lace front and full lace) have lasted for a little over a year.

The longevity of your human hair lace front wig depends on how many times you wear it and how you maintain it.

It is important to rotate your wigs to expand their lifespan. If I wore the same lace front wig nonstop for a month or two then it will start to decorate.

So it depends on you because (in my experience with human hair wigs) they last as long as you take care of them. Source from quora.

Q: Can a lace front wig be worn more than once?

A: That depends on the wig quality.

If you buy a synthetic lace wig which cost you dozens of dollars, like a cosplay wig, it might not be worn again because the synthetic fiber is very easy to tangle.

But if the synthetic lace wig cost you about a hundred dollars, the synthetic fibers are much better and are heat friendly, so it can be worn more than once and even can last half a year if with proper care.

For human hair lace wigs, they can be worn for almost a year if with proper care. by Quora.

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