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Are Sew In Extensions Bad For Your Hair

Sew-in extensions potentially can cause damage to your natural hair and scalp depending on several factors such as not properly caring, long-time wearing, or installed unprofessionally. In other words, sew-in hair extensions won’t be bad for your hair as long as they are maintained well.

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Now, read on and learn more myths about sew in hair extensions!

What Are Sew In Extensions

Sew-in Extension is one way of hair extension application, which is sewn into your hair using needle and thread. Unlike other methods, this is an easy way to switch up your look without too much hassle. Meanwhile, it allows your natural hair to grow and protect hair from harsh styling tools and bad environments. Overall, sew-in extensions are popular among celebrities and fashionable women.

The Pros And Cons Of Sew In Extension

Pros: 1. Sew in extensions offer versatility in styling, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles, textures, and lengths without damaging your natural hair.

2. The sewing method ensures a secure attachment of the extensions to your natural hair, reducing the occurrence of accidental slippage.

3. sew in weave is ideal for busy women who want a low-maintenance solution. With an application process taking less than an hour, these extensions suit those with demanding tight schedules, allowing them to skip daily styling hassles and still enjoy a polished look effortlessly.

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Cons: 1. when the hair extensions are sewn in too tight, it may put some type of tension on your hair and that will cause breakage to a degree.

2. You can’t install these hair extensions yourself, and you have to visit a professional hairdresser for help, this will refer to expensive installment costs which are your extra fees.

Are Sew-in Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

sew-in extensions don't harm natural hair, what we should learn is that the only way that stunted hair growth typically results from improper hair care routine causing damage to follicles. Hair extensions seldom lead to traction alopecia or unexplained hair loss. However, without proper precautions and care, they can potentially harm your tresses. It's crucial to prioritize a meticulous approach to maintain the health of your hair when using extensions.

How To Care For Sew In Extensions

Ensure natural hair clean

Ensuring your natural hair is in good condition before the application is crucial. Prioritize cleanliness, free your hair from product buildup, and maintain moisture with conditioner to bolster strength.

Choose Mild Shampoo Product

Maintain cleanliness by washing your hair according to its needs. Opt for gentle, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for a clean and hydrated scalp.

Take A Break Regularly

Switch up hairstyles every two to three months to prevent excessive tangling and matting. Perform regular hair care routines, incorporating a moisture retention regimen for optimal results.

Consider A Protective Braid For Your Natural Hair

Alter braiding patterns to avoid stressing the hairline, considering clockwise, counter-clockwise, zigzag, or beehive patterns.

Avoid Sleeping With Wet Extensions

Avoid sleeping with wet extensions to prevent potential damage and breakage. Proper drying is essential for both extensions and natural hair.

Brush Sew-in Hair Extensions

Exercise caution when brushing and styling extensions. Invest in a quality brush designed for extensions, detangle gently, and comb at key moments to minimize tension and strain.

Do Conditioner Treatment Regularly

Schedule weekly conditioning treatments using deep conditioners to nourish and hydrate extensions, preventing dryness and split ends.

Use Heat Protectants

Minimize heat damage by using protectants with heated styling tools, opting for lower temperatures, and taking breaks from excessive curling or straightening to prolong the lifespan of your extensions.

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How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need For Sew-In Extensions

*Depends on the density of your natural hair.

*The length of your own hair.

Where To Buy Hair Extensions?

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