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How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Sew In

Before you buy human hair bundles, It’s crucial to make sure you choose the right number of bundles to achieve the desired look. Deciding how many bundles you need to purchase for sew-in may be challenging, in this guide, we will help you know the exact amount of hair bundles to compliment your look depending on several factors such as closure, and frontal. reading on to learn more detailed information.

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head Sew In?

The answer about ‘The quantity of human hair weave bundles you need’ is varies depending on several aspects, you can have a look at the 4 factors at the following :

Hair Length

straight bundle

First, you should clarify the secret about the relation between Weft and bundles:

The standard weight of each hair bundle is 100 grams(around 4 oz), so the hair length is longer, the shorter weft will be. In other words, if you want a shorter length, you won’t need too many bundles than going for a longer hairstyle.

A General rule of thumb, 3 bundles are sufficient for lengths from 12’’-20’’. while over length 22’’ requires about 4 bundles to get a full head sew-in.


Do You Want Straight Or Curls? Curly hair tends to look more voluminous than straight hair even though they have the same density, and fewer bundles to get a full appearance.

Generally speaking, Curly sew in will need 2-3 bundles to get a full look.

The Straight texture will need 3-4 bundles to create a natural look. Depending on what length you want.

Head Size

head size chart

Make sure you know the measurement of the shape and size of your head. obviously, the bigger your head is, the more bundles you need to purchase. Women’s average head size is 22.5’’. for smaller head, i personally advise you that get 2-3 bundles to have a normal-looking.

How Many Bundles For A Closure Sew In

Closures are typically 4 inch x 4 inch, You will need 3 bundles with closure to achieve a complete look. If you are going for bob hairstyle, you just need 2 bundles.

How Many Bundles Do You Need With A Frontal

Lace frontals are from ear to ear and they are depending on which one you buy they're normally four inches to six inches deep. Obviously, that covers more space than closure so the rule sort of varies a little bit, frontal allows you to need less amount of bundles.

13x4 pre-plucked lace frontal

you are recommended to use 2-3 bundles with lace frontal it just depends on the thickness and the amount of hair that you want to put in and the look.

Are 3 Bundles Enough For A Full Head Sew In

here is a theory people usually talk about 3 bundles can go for any style. Honestly, three bundles are the magic number for your regular sew-in, but the figure may vary based on various factors such as the preferred hairstyle and the desired length of the hair.

For Partial Sew-in

Partial sew-in is an adaptable choice when you have your natural hair but you want it to add extra volume or extra length to your hair. Regularly, 2 bundles are enough to give you a natural look, it also depends on the amount of hair that you have left out.

In case you just want length then anywhere from 8 inches to about 16 inches you only really need one bundle. Anywhere from 18 inches to about 22 inches you can get away with two bundles or one and a half. For anything past 24'', you will need two and a half or three bundles, so it just depends on what you're looking for in thickness.

If you don't like to do a partial sew-in, a U-part wig is also a great option. As it blends fine with your own natural hair which has a U-shaped opening on top, you can choose a texture that resembles your hair to make an integral hairstyle.


Fortunately, human hair Bundles can be maintained for a long time when cared for properly, and this investment definitely won’t disappoint you! If you are going for a more natural-looking style, a human hair bundle extension is absolutely a brilliant choice. 

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