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The Advantages Of Wearing Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in Hair Extensions are a bit expensive (mainly due to the cost of installation, especially with machine weft hair extensions which can also be sewed in) but like other extensions, they provide volume, length and density as well as a more natural look. Depending on whether they are hand-tied or machine weft, they are also suitable for certain hair types (thin or thick) and with the right maintenance and care, can last anywhere from four to 12 months.

If you’re going to wear semi-permanent hair extensions, sew-in style extensions offer definite advantages over other type of attachment hair methods (hot or cold fusion, beads, clips or clamps) and options.

* Sewn-in hair extensions are attached by hand onto the natural hair which has been tightly braided against the scalp. The braids are often similar in style to corn row braids.

* The weft hair is sewn into the actual natural hair braids which holds the weft tightly in place. There is much less risk of wefts detaching as easily as they do with other types of attachment methods.

* The extension hair, since it’s worn over the natural braided hair, offers a natural protection from environmental elements and toxins.

* If the extension hair is 100% human hair, it can be easily washed, dryed and styled as if it were your own natural hair.

* Since the natural hair is braided and the weft hair is attached, it takes all the abuse from blow dryers, hot irons and/or rollers.

* Weft which are sewn in are not affected by harsh weather, rough clothing or cotton pillowcases.

While there are many advantages to sewn-in hair extensions, there are some downsides. The first few days after the weft are sewn to the braids, the scalp may be tender from the braiding or from the tight attachment of the wefts. The scalp tenderness doesn’t last more than a very short time.

Also, if sewn-in hair extensions are not applied properly they may put undue pressure on the scalp, roots and edges, which may result in a type of alopecia.

This type of reaction usually only occurs when the hair is repeatedly braided and wefts are attached. If the scalp is allowed to rest in between attachments, there usually is not long term issues.

Not everyone would agree, but many people do find sewn-in weft extensions one of the best methods for wearing hair extensions.

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