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How To Stop Hair From Itching Under Wig

Do you feel bored with the old hairstyle and would like to change your overall look? no better than a gorgeous wig! Wigs are handy as they provide great convenience to people like you and me. But there are two sides to every coin.

water wave human hair closure wig

Itchy scalp is a common problem among wig wearers, in this article, we mainly help you find the reasons for itching and provide a special strategy to reduce irritation from wigs for you.

The 6 Reasons And Solutions Of Wigs Itching

We show the 6 causes and how to combat each problem to reduce dry itchy scalp, let’s have a look!

1.Sensitive Skin or Dandruff


Several people have skin conditions even allergic reactions due to sensitive skin or dry scalp dandruff, which can also potentially irritate your scalp and cause itchy wig hair. For example:

Some women are prone to be allergic to wig materials or wig adhesives. This reaction leads to redness, rashes, and itching on the scalp.

Having dandruff or other similar skin issues that can make the scalp itch.

These symptoms need treatment. so what do you do? Have a good scalp care is quite vital.

if you have sensitive skin to avoid inconvenience, it’s best to always check the materials used in the wig and adhesive and always go for hypoallergenic options.

Regularly take off your hairpiece to allow your scalp to breathe. During removal, enjoy a brief 5-minute massage using nourishing oils for added moisture and improved air circulation.

Combat dandruff and skin issues causing itchiness with nourishing medicated shampoos and conditioners. Keep your scalp hydrated to prevent dryness.

2.Wig cap

The wig cap is a must-ed! A wig cap provides relief from itching, and it will move around more easily without one. Additionally, hard, coarse wig caps cause skin irritations easily.

How to choose?

high quality soft lace wig

We definitely recommend a good wig cap to protect your scalp. Such as cotton or silk wig cap to alleviate itching.

3.Sweat And Dirty Build Up

wigs get soaked in sweat which can be an irritant as the minerals in sweat build up and grow bacteria. However, lack of ventilation can make the scalp sweaty and itchy.

How To Clean Sweat And Dirty To Stop Itching

Thoroughly rinsing out all washing products is crucial after cleaning your wig. Leftover shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer can lead to irritation and itching. Take your time when washing and rinsing your wig to ensure complete removal of dust, oil, and product build-up.

Here, I advise you to try two products to refresh your scalp effectively:

Zinc lotion is used to prevent bacteria infections that are caused by the wig adhesive with sweat.

The alcohol-free solution is used to keep your scalp refreshed when wearing lace front human hair wigs, ensuring you stay itch-free and maintain a healthy scalp environment.

4.Wrong Wig Size

A wig that does not suit you correctly will never look natural and feel right either. Too tight or loose wig significantly leads to discomfort, what’s more, the tight wig can irritate your scalp and skin itching, since the restriction causes the blood flow to the narrow area.

Find the right size

You should measure your head before buying the wig. Most women are average size, but some women may vary individually, so be sure to get the correct size first.

Once you find a proper size, it can be optimal comfort on your head, this contributes to the natural look and makes you worry-free.

5. Hairs Protruding

protruding hairs that can stab the scalp and cause itching.

How to do?

Minimize this issue by regularly and gently brushing and combing, checking for loose hairs. Remove any stray strands and use scissors to trim fraying or loose threads within the wig's cap that come into direct contact with the scalp, maintaining a comfortable and irritation-free experience.

6.Bad or cheap wig

Since low quality wig are constructed by poor materials that can be irritating.

So let’s Own A Good Quality Wig to avoid the risk of itching.

High-quality human hair wig is made with Breathable material and soft and delicate lace will itch less. Wearing a premium human hair wig will ensure your wig lifespan and cut down on itching.

In final words, When wearing a toupee or hair locks, you should make sure to know the authentic factors so you can take the right way to reduce the possibility of itchiness.

I really hope this article can help and give you insightful information, please contact us if you have any questions.

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