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Can You Put A Wig In The Dryer

Can you put a wig in the dryer

Especially when we are in a hurry, Many people wonder to know the answer to the question Can I Put My Wig In The Dryer? Also, wig-drying plays an important part in wig cleaning and caring and ensuring the longevity of the wig. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to whether you can put your wig in the dryer. Looking down.

Can You Put A Wig In The Dryer


No, You Can’t do this, never put a wig in the clothes dryer to dry it. As we all know, there is generating plenty of heat and friction in the process of clothes dryer drying. This can result in hair strands being dry, frizzy, tangled even causing irreversible damage. What’s more, some human hair wigs and Heat-friendly synthetic wigs allow you can use an air dryer at the low-heat set.

Ideally, wigs should air dry post-wash to retain moisture and maintain softness.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Wig In The Dryer

1)Heat Damage: Both human hair and synthetic wigs are susceptible to heat damage. Dryers can strip moisture from wigs, making them dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. This is especially true for human hair wigs, which, like natural hair, can suffer from heat-induced dryness and damage.

2)Shape and Structure Damage: The physical tumbling and tolling action inside a dryer can distort the shape of the wig. Wigs are designed to hold a specific style and shape, and the rough movement in a dryer can cause them to lose this form, leading to an influence and decreasing their gorgeous look.

3)Shortened Lifespan of the Wig: Consistent exposure to the harsh environment inside a dryer can significantly shorten a wig’s lifespan. The combination of heat and rudeness rub can lead to rapid deterioration, meaning that the wig will need to be replaced more frequently.

How To Dry Your Wig Safely And Quickly

Drying a wig is a time-consuming work. Check the following helpful tips for how you can dry your wigs properly:

Avoid Untangling Your Hair When It’s Wet

avoid combing hair when it's wet

The first step is to make sure all hair is tangle-free before drying your wig. The important thing you should know is that combing a wig while it's wet risks severe damage. Wet hair is more elastic and fragile, leading to a higher risk of hair loss and breakage. The cuticles are prone to break, making strands prone to tangling and frizz. Instead, Always wait until the wig is completely dry before combing to minimize damage and maintain hair health.

Remove Excess Water With A Clean Towel

towel dry wig

gently pat the wig with a clean, absorbent towel to remove extra moisture. The wig is too delicate and vulnerable to allow you to twist, scrub, and wring. Towel dry is ideal for protecting the wig's integrity while soaking up water without causing damage and tangling.

Set A Hairdryer On A Low Temperature

use hair dryer to blow dry hair wig

If quick drying is necessary, recommend using a hairdryer on the lowest, coolest setting, and keeping it at a distance to avoid heat concentrated on one area. Additionally, it’s not recommended to use blow dryers on synthetic wigs as they can burn the fibers of your synthetic wig and destroy your wig.

Air Dry The Wig

it's the best recommended way to dry your hair. This can be done by placing the wig on a wig stand or a mannequin head to maintain its shape. Also, keep the wig In a cool shadow place to allow air circulation as direct sunlight and UV will lead to hair drying and color fading.

Styling Your Hair

water wave human hair wig

Once Your hair is 100% dry, it’s time to style your hair as desired, make sure to apply heat protectant spray on a human hair wig or heat-resistant synthetic fibers and prevent heat damage to the wig.

Final Words

From the above content, we can learn that you should never put your wig in the dryer even if you're in a rush, this may deteriorate your hair fiber condition permanently. By following the air-drying tips this post mentioned keep your wig looking its best. The hd lace wig human hair is your great investment, with proper maintenance you can it stay as long as possible.

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