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How To Store Wigs Without A Wig Head

Storing wigs properly plays an important role in wig maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your wig and the vitality of hair fiber. store wigs without wig heads sounds like being daunting when you have grown your new wig collection. Wonder know how to store your wigs without a wig head? In This Article, I want to share several methods to store wigs without the must to use a wig head.

How To Store Wigs Without A Wig Head

There are some alternatives you can use such as a wig stand and wig box to help place the wig in the place. Scroll on to learn more details about each way to store your wig.

Method 1: Wig Stand

If you don’t have a wig head, another prime choice is to store the wig on wig stands. This is because the wig stand is made specially that conform human body head and help maintain the style of a wig.

Method 2: Plastic Bag

You can find a clean and sturdy plastic bag anywhere at home. Make sure you have squeezed all air out(vacuum-sealed) to protect the wig from dust and moisture. This is also an economical and convenient choice to go-to to traveller. Be concerned that you shouldn’t place items on top of the wig to prevent any possible damage.

Method 3: Silk/Satin

The safe option to store the wig is in silk rather than cotton because of its ability to keep hair smooth and moist. Hence, it is an ideal way to store the wig after styling to stay away from frizz and dry. The silk bag is usually designed with a drawstring to make it easy to use. Many girls like it due to its luxurious look and silk touch.

Method 4: Shoe Box

Not only shoe box you can use to place your shoes, also applicable for your wigs, it is also can retain the wig intact and save your room.

Method 5: Wig Box

A Wig usually comes in a wig box to place the wig in from a reputable seller. So you can store the wigs' original package. This way can avoid sunlight and heat directly with damage-free. These boxes are durable, so you can stack your wig boxes for easy access.

Method 6: Hanger

Such as clothes hangers, wig hangers, and shoe racks- great space saver for you! Most of wigs like wear and go glueless wigs from Mshair store are attached with an adjustable strap, which you can use to hang the wig.

Method 7: Hairnet

Consider using a Hairnet to keep it from dust and maintain its original style. This will encourage the Curly human hair wigs to hold perfect curls and no folds. Choose the right size and breathable material to keep the hair in freshness.

hd lace front wig

Tips For Storing A Wig

  1. Never store your wig when it’s dripping. You should dry your hair thoroughly before storing it.
  2. Gently Wash, condition, and detangle your wig to make sure your wig is tidy and clean before the storage.
  3. Avoid exposing your wigs in a damp or humid environment like a bathroom or laundry.
  4. Resist the temptation of piling wigs all in together, this may cause disastrous destroy-tangles and frizz, we strongly recommend putting every wig in a sole container.
  5. Fold the wigs in half from ear to ear before popping them in a plastic bag, or travel box and, this can protect your wig from crumpling while you are going to store it. This step is crucial to keep the intact style of synthetic wigs.
  6. After folding your wig, add tissue paper inside the cap can maintain its style while the wig can’t part in the middle. Additionally, if you would like to store the wig in a box, make sure to line the box with soft tissue paper will ensure your wig doesn’t develop static.
  7. Wherever you store your wigs, Label color, length, and textures on the bags or boxes so that you can identify them accurately and quickly for your next use.

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