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Is 180 Density Good For A Wig

Wig density is a key factor before you decide to purchase a wig, you are welcome to choose the density of wigs that suits your hobby best. Recently, We have received many questions from our clients about how to choose the right density for wigs. What does 180% density wig mean? Is 180 Density good for a wig? And others related to hair density. If you want to learn what the answers are, or you only are up for exploring everything about wig density, then here you are in the right place.

What Is Wig Density In The Wig

Wig density indicates the overall thickness of hair strands on a wig, measured as a percentage ranging from 60% to 250%. A higher density implies a thicker, fuller appearance, while a lower density offers a more natural, lighter look. It is determined by the number and arrangement of hair strands per square inch on the wig cap, varying from very light to very heavy.

 wig density chart

What Does 180% Density Wig Mean

A 180% density wig is designed for those seeking a full and versatile hair look. It offers greater fullness compared to 100%, 130%, and 150% density wigs. This wig type has 180 grams of hair per square inch on the cap, providing both a natural appearance and ample volume. While slightly heavier, it is popular for a thicker look, especially favored by artists and actors for performances. Optimal for longer lengths, a 180% density wig delivers the perfect balance of volume and length.

Pros And Cons Of 180% Density Of Wig

Pros of a 180% Density Wig:

Full and Voluminous Look: The higher density provides a fuller and more voluminous appearance, making it ideal for those who desire a thicker hair look.

Ideal for Longer Lengths: 180% density is well-suited for longer lengths, providing a good balance of volume and length.

Versatile Styling: The wig allows for versatile styling options, making it suitable for various hairstyles and looks.

Cons of a 180% Density Wig:

Heavier Feel: The higher density makes the wig heavier, which may be less comfortable for some individuals, especially during prolonged wear.

Is 180 Density Good For A Wig

180 density wig human hair

The answer is ‘yes’. this wig density looks more real and voluminous than usual.

When it comes to choosing a 180% density wig, you should consider the length of hair you will buy, the comfort you are concerned about, and the textures of the wig you desire.

In terms of comfort, 130% and 150% density wigs offer a natural look and premium comfort, closely resembling human hair.

For different lengths, recommendations include 130%/150% for 12-14 inches.

150%/180% for 16-20 inches.

And 180% for 22-24 inches.

Longer lengths, such as 26-30 inches, benefit from 200%/250% density.

Texture matters too: curly or kinky hair appears fuller, requiring lower density, while silky straight hair benefits from medium to high density. Aligning density with length and texture ensures a natural and stylish appearance.

150% Density VS 180% Density

The 150% density wig offers a natural look, slightly fuller than natural hair, making it ideal for those seeking a comfortable yet fuller appearance.

In contrast, the 180% density wig exudes luxury, providing a thicker, more opulent look.

Factors like hair thickness, workmanship time, and weight differ, with 180% being fuller, taking more time to make, costing more, and being heavier than the 150% density wig.

180% Density VS 200% Density

The 180% density wig is generally lighter, ensuring better comfort during extended wear. In contrast, the 200% density wig, being heavier, maybe less comfortable over time.

The 180% density wig provides a full and voluminous appearance for a balanced yet substantial look. The 200% density wig offers an even fuller and thicker look, creating a more dramatic and impactful style.

Typically, the 180% density wig is more affordable than the 200% density wig, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking added volume without the highest price tag.

density in closure wig

180 Density Wigs At Mshair

Mshair Offers a variety of density types from 130%-250%. you also can find pre-plucked long lace front wigsHD lace wigs, and glueless wigs with pre-cut lace here. We provide all kinds of textures, colors, and lengths of wigs available. Come and visit our store to Find your stylish look with confidence.

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