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Can You Swim With Box Braids

Summer is coming, Box braids are a popular choice as they are low maintenance and work best with water activities. However, some women may be concerned about the potential damage to your hair such as salt and Chlorine. Can I swim with Box Braids? How do you protect your box braids when swimming? We will help you with useful guidance to make you feel worry-free whenever in the pool or the beach.

can you swim with box braids

Can You Swim With Box Braids?

Yes, you can swim with box braids! Proper installation and care are key. When Installed correctly, box braids protect your natural hair by wrapping it inside, preventing dehydration and frizz after swimming. This secure fit ensures your braids won’t slip out, making swim caps unnecessary.

Box braids are popular for swimming because they are a less-maintenance style and protect your hair.Wearing this versatile hairstyle for a worry-free and stylish summer!

* Pre-condition your hair before you get into the water. put a very generous amount on hair to stay as protected as possible, and it's a very moisturizing and intensive treatment.

* Use oil (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil) because it is very hard for chemicals to penetrate through the oil, meanwhile, it acts as a protective layer. and also it essentially locks in the moisture.

*Never wear your box braids too tight or too loose. Put them too small or tight you can get thinning edges and even hair loss. In contrast, if they are braided without enough taut, you will see frizzy after they contact with water.

How To Protect Your Box Braid Hair When Swimming

Box Braids

5 Essential Tips For Pool & Beach Days

Cover Your Hair:

Wear a swim cap to minimize your hair’s exposure to the water. Although it might not keep your hair completely dry, it significantly reduces the amount of water and chemicals your hair comes into contact with. For braids, you might need a larger-sized cap designed for voluminous hair.

Wash and Condition Your Hair:

It’s important to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any chlorine or salt build-up after swimming. Gently Massage Shampoo into the scalp to avoid frizz. Follow up with a deep conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity to your braids.

Dry Your Braids Properly:

Allow your braids to dry completely after washing. You can gently pat them with a towel and then let them air dry or use a hooded dryer for faster drying. Avoid leaving your braids wet for too long to prevent mildew smell or scalp issues.

Wear Your Hair Up:

If possible, wear your braids up or in a bun while swimming to reduce the amount of hair exposed to the water.

Rinse Thoroughly:

To prevent mold, mildew, and bad odors, it's essential to rinse your box braids thoroughly. After swimming, wash your braids with a clarifying shampoo free of SLS and SLES. Rinse out chlorine, salt, and chemicals immediately with clean water. Gently squeeze out excess moisture and air dry, or use a hooded dryer for faster drying.

Box Braids offer you innovative ways to express your beauty and confidence while providing a natural protective look effortlessly. You can have a try for your summer vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming With Box Braids:

Why do People matter about? what chlorine is?

It's used for it is sanitizing swimming pools, to do that it kills germs the same way you use hand sanitizer on your hands to kill germs. So it's basically a chemical that can be very harmful to your hair which is why it leaves your hair very dry as the layer that protects your hair usually gets attacked, which ends up meaning that you do get split ends as well as your dry brittle hair.

How Can I Seal Box Braids?

Sealing box braids with hot water is essential for maintaining their integrity, especially if you plan on swimming. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your box braids stay secure and frizz-free:

Prepare Boiling Water: Before you start installing your box braids, have a pot of boiling water ready. This step is crucial for sealing the braids effectively.

Install Box Braids: Complete the installation of your box braids as usual, ensuring each braid is tight and secure.

Dip the Ends in Hot Water: Carefully dip the ends of the braids into the boiling water. This process seals the braids, preventing them from unraveling and reducing frizz, even after swimming.


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