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How Much Does A Wig Installation Cost

How much does it cost to get a wig installed? Should I do it at home or a barbershop? Wig installation may be a daunting task for newbies, but when it comes to using proper techniques and tools, the installation process can run smoothly and easily.

How Much Does A Wig Installation Cost

We all know that good quality wigs have cost a lot of money, and related expenses to a wig installation are important to learn. In this blog, I will cover how much it costs to install a wig and provide an insightful vision of your hair transformation travel.

How Much Does A Wig Installation Cost

The cost to get a wig installed is from $100-$400+. However, The wig installation costs Depend on several factors such as skill set (how much experience the barbers have), where the barbershop is located, the tools you need to use for installation, and the hair feature(length, density, type). Keep reading on to learn more detailed information.

1. The Types Of Hair You Choose

skunk stripe human hair wig

Whether the hair length, hair volume, or hair type can influence the cost of wig installation. For example, the price of installing a virgin hair wig is higher than synthetic hair (between $150 to $300) as the more professional level to handle them. The same goes for the hair length and hair amount, the longer and thicker the hair is, the more money you will spend to install it as the demand for more resources and time to work on it.

2. Material Required To install wig at home

Install A Wig At Barbershop

The cost of tools to install a wig is about $100. The good news is that you can make a circle of use of these tools In the long run. These tools include an alcohol pad, freezer spray, wig head, t-shaped needle, tweezers, bleach powder, developer, shampoo, freezer spray, hood hair dryer, elastic band, small scissors, wig tape, makeup sponge, tail comb, razor, etc.

3. Paying For A Skilled Stylist At The Barbershop

tools to install wig

Go to the barbershop to install the wig absolutely can achieve a seamless look for you, and the experienced stylist undoubtedly costs anywhere from $50-$300. the price varies on factors such as where the barbershop is located, the experience and skill of the stylist, and the difficulty of the installation way.

How To Install A Wig At Home?

If you have experience in handling your installation. No doubt installing a wig by yourself mostly saves you money. Wig installation is not tricky! Let’s follow the step-by-step guide in this article to install it by yourself.

1. Prepare Your Natural Hair:

Ensure your natural hair is smooth and pulled back from your hairline. This prevents it from showing through the wig, regardless of your hair type or length.

2. Cleanse and Prep the Skin:

Use a cotton pad dampened with an alcohol solution to clean the skin around your hairline. This removes excess oil and impurities, promoting better adhesion of the wig glue or tape.

3. Adopt Proper Wig Wearing Posture:

Maintain good posture and ensure you're not bending over or wearing the wig backward during installation. This prevents the wig from looking unnatural and minimizes hair fragments from attaching to the adhesive prematurely

4. Secure the Wig:

Regardless of the adhesive used, secure the wig to your head and allow it to set for at least 15 minutes to ensure stability. Consider using bobby pins to further secure the wig, especially at the top and underneath the hair.

5. Finalize Installation:

After securing the wig, make final adjustments by using powder or foundation to blend the lace with your skin tone for a seamless finish. Trim any excess lace and create natural-looking baby hairs for a polished look.

How Long Does A Wig Installation Last?

The lasting time of a wig installation typically ranges from one to six weeks. The ultimate answer is influenced by factors such as the installation method, the adhesive used, and personal habits. And it's not recommended to wear a wig for over 6 weeks at once. Regular washing and occasional touch-ups are essential for preserving the wig's integrity and avoiding scalp and hair damage.

The Most Cost-Effective Wig- Glueless Wig


Bye Bye Knots Glueless Wig

Glueless wigs allow you to wear and go outside in several seconds without the tools needed. You can get the perfect wig-wearing experience while providing an economical installation solution. You won’t visit a hair stylist to install it. Everything is already prepared for you! Pre-cut lace, pre-plucked baby hair and eliminate the need for glue, moreover, the price of a glueless wig is very cheap and affordable for everyone.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, wig installation is a great investment that boosts confidence and transforms your look. Whether you choose to look for a stylist or get a wig installed by yourself, it’s crucial to consider your budget while finding a proper way. If you want to save money, Check out the blog below for details on installing a wig at home.

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