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Can You Blow Dry Human Hair Wig

Performing a blow dry by using a hair dryer method prevails at the barbershop or you want to style your hair by yourself at home. it is an ideal way for human hair to smooth the hair and create a foundation for your styling. Today’s blog will cover everything you want to learn about blow-drying human hair wigs.

Why Choose To Blow Dry Human Hair Wigs Instead Air Dry?

blow dry human hair wig

Human hair wigs are recommended to blow dry using a hair dryer for the best effect as they don't maintain their styling after being cleansed versus synthetic hair strands. Blow drying also allows you to reshape and style the wig as desired, ensuring it maintains the intended look. It is especially suitable for those who are time-intensive and hurry to go outside.

Air drying is a gentle way to dry hair naturally, and it causes minimal damage to hair in the long run. usually. this method is safe choice for synthetic hair to dry.

Can You Blow Dry Human Hair Wig?

Definitely! Just like our natural hair, you can use the hair dryer to dry human hair wigs to create a seamless and sleek look. While some tips you need to learn on how to blow dry your hair system correctly.

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Important Tips About How To Blow Dry Human Hair Wigs

Protect with Products

To minimize damage, apply a heat-protecting spray thoroughly to your wig before drying. Leave-in conditioners can also provide an additional layer of heat protection.

Mind the Heat

Use the low heat setting on your hair dryer. Excessive heat can damage your human hair wig, so always use your dryer in moderation and follow your wig's care instructions.

Dry Downward

Blow dry your wig in a downward direction from roots to ends to avoid creating flyaways. Drying in the opposite direction can cause unwanted frizz.

Maintain Distance

Keep the hair dryer at least 2 inches away from the scalp to prevent damage to the hair roots.

How To Blow Dry Human Hair Wig?

All Things needed:


Bristle Brush

Paddle Brush or a wide-tooth comb

Hair Clips

Blow Dryer With Nozzle


Canvas Block Head


Once you are finished cleansing and conditioning your hair wig, wrap it in a towel and gently pat it to remove excess water from your hair system.

Secure Your Hair Wig

Secure your wig to a canvas blockhead. Apply t-pins on your hair wig to prevent it from falling off.

Do not pin through the lace or monofilament materials.

Detangle Your Human Hair Wig

Use only your paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb to detangle your human hair wig while it is wet.  You can also section the hair into easy-manage parts, splitting into smaller sections like this will make sure you get the sleekest look possible.

Blow dry your wig

Apply a small amount of blown-away blow-dry bomb from mid-lengths through ends, using a round bore bristle brush break Starting at the nape blow-dry in a downward motion to smoothen hair as well as smooth the cuticle. In the end, apply a cool mode at the end to lock in style.

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