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Difference Between Loose Wave And Body Wave: Which Hair Should You Choose?

Hair extensions are widely favored products by many women all over the world. With so many hairstyles on the market, choosing a suitable hair type or texture has confused young girls. Now we have launched a topic about loose wave hair and body wave hair. Which works best for you? Find out How to Distinguish between Loose waves and Body waves. Let’s start to explore it!

What’s Loose Wave Hair?

Loose Wave Hair

Loose wave hair has loose also huge curls. It is a lot more curly and in the shape of the wave, many women prefer the soft and shiny curl texture of loose wave hair. Loose wave hair stands out in the market for its fluffiness and natural appeal. Characterized by its thick, no-splitting ends, this hairstyle offers a fuller, more voluminous look that many girls find irresistible.

The Characteristics Of Loose Wave Hair

Loose Wave Wig

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looks very shiny and bouncy

can be colored as its high quality and shiny qualities

The feature defined curls

It doesn't demand any additional tools to style The curls hold better


It shouldn’t be bleached on your own-It’s best to ask for hair expertise to bleach loose wave hair.

What’s Body Wave Hair?

Body Wave Hair

Body Wave hair has a consistent ‘S’ pattern throughout the entire bundle of hair. It has the characteristics of straight and curly waves. It can mix with your own hair which can help your hair look more natural. The pattern of body wave hair gives a defined laid-back feel and elegant look, which is ideal for women looking to elevate their appearance. It’s no doubt that body wave hair has long been a favorite among African American women.

The Characteristics Of Body Wave Hair

Body Wave Wig

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They feature flat strains

It could be ideal if you love simple hairstyle

It is very easy to maintain.

No shedding or tangling

It can be bleached and colored.


It wouldn’t be for you if you want to switch up hairstyles frequently as it doesn’t hold the curls best.

What Are the Main Distinctions between Loose Wave Hair and body Wave Hair?

Both loose wave and body wave hair are crafted from premium virgin human hair, ensuring 100% real human hair material that is free from chemical processing. and some nuances between body wave hair and loose wave do set them apart. Let’s explore these differences together:

Look and volume

Body waves look more relaxed. If you like straighter hair stick to body wave hairstyles. Loose wave extensions have a lot more volume and would look best on someone who is looking out for a bouncy girl.

Styling Versatility

wise loose wave hair can look better in many different styles and hold a curl much better.

Curl Pattern

The loose waves have smaller and tighter curls than body wave hair.

Bouncy and Elasticity

Body wave hair extensions are designed by closely placed strands, resulting in a sleeker and softer texture with less bounce. In contrast, loose wave hair features more bounce and movement than body waves.

Which Hair Should You Choose? Loose Wave Hair VS Body Wave Hair?

Loose Wave Hair VS Body Wave Hair

Through reading the above article, we have a clear recognition between body wave hair extension and loose wave hair extension. If you want to know which hair texture looks better on you, we can help you figure out the personal decision for you.

When it comes to more versatile hairstyles, loose wave hair may fare better. The curl pattern of loose wave human hair can last a lot longer time.

If bounciness and elasticity are your priorities, loose-wave hair is the ideal choice. And the effortless charm of loose-wave hair makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a natural, fluffy appearance.

If you love straight hair look. body wave virgin hair is right for you as it may become straightened out with time.

Body wave hair is a low-maintenance style you should go for, it is easy to style and requires minimal maintenance, loose wave hair offering a more voluminous appearance, can be prone to tangling if not properly cared for.

To sum up, Loose wave and body wave hair are good choices for women, both of them possessing such a bouncy gorgeous look. And quality is a crucial factor you must consider whichever you choose. At Modern Show Hair, we provide high-quality virgin human hair with various colors and lengths of loose wave and body wave hair products, no shedding, no splitting ends. You can have a try with hassle-free.

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