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Difference Between Brazilian Malaysian Indian and Peruvian hair

There are mainly four main types of virgin hair textures- Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Peruvian hair. Also, the Mshair store provides all these texture styles and human hair extensions, In this article, we will delve into the differences between them and how should we choose among them. Let’s look down.

 Why Choose  Mshair Bundles

human hair bundles

Indian Hair

Natural raw Indian Hair

Indian hair is silky and shiny and it's the natural type for women. it's very soft and gives you great texture and great curls but it also is low maintenance so this is a great texture to choose.  Indian hair has a very low maintenance texture due to the fact how silky it is and how low humidity from the heat or even from the cold it's less frizz it's less like our natural texture hair. it's very low maintenance again and it's easy to curl it holds curls for a very very long time and less shedding.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Virgin Kinky Straight Hair

Peruvian hair is known for its luxurious and versatile of styles. offering a dense, robust texture that beautifully mimics relaxed African American hair, making it indistinguishable from natural hair when installed. Its unique characteristic is its ability to become curlier when wet, and it's available in natural shades from black to light brown. Peruvian hair is a luxurious choice, blending well with many hair textures, and requiring minimal care, and it is ideal for adding volume and exotic flair to any hairstyle. 

About Malaysian Hair

Unprocessed Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair, sourced from Malaysian donors, is renowned for its virgin quality, free from chemical treatments. Initially, it boasts a high-gloss finish that gradually subsides after 2-3 washes. It naturally dries straight with a subtle wave, becoming more natural-looking with each wash. Malaysian hair's ability to hold curls exceptionally well without the need for additional products, combined with its strong texture and natural shine, makes it a top choice for versatile and sophisticated hairstyles.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian remy hair

Brazilian hair is a little bit more tricky than Indian hair. This hair is a little bit more coarse it's a lot fuller and a lot thicker you may have to do a little bit more maintenance and take care of this hair type. It's more like our natural hair it gives you more of a natural look if you're blending with U part with clip-ins with a partial extension you wet it will blend better with your hair. but you will have to take care of it as if it were your hair.

How To Choose Indian Hair VS Malaysian Hair VS Brazilian Hair VS Peruvian Hair?

We collect all of the characteristics between them, then we recommend you decide which one is best for you by hair texture, maintenance, look, and price.

By Hair Texture:

Peruvian hair: straight, wavy, curly hair textures

Malaysian Hair: drying straight with a slight wave.

Brazilian Hair: usually with a natural wave or curl.

Indian Hair: generally light, airy, and has a natural bounce. often featuring a wavy texture.

By Maintenance:

Indian hair and Peruvian hair have relatively lower maintenance than Brazilian hair. they maintain their glossy look and curl without needing too many hair products.

By Look:

if you are willing to make your hair look thicker and full volume, definitely choose Peruvian hair and Brazilian Hair.

By Price:

Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair are priced higher than other types. If you are looking for an affordable price, Indian hair can be your ideal choice.


Knowing each type well can help you find the perfect sew-in hair extension that conforms to your desired style. Consider factors such as hair textures, maintenance difficulty, and price to get the hair type for your best choice.



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