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How Long Can You Keep A Lace Front Wig On

There are many various guesses about how long a lace front wig can be kept in. Eternal tip about extending the longevity of lace frontal wigs: the better you care for them literally, the longer they will keep on. We are here to solve a problem that most ask frequently from our clients: how long can I wear a lace front wig, this article is informative for you to answer how long your investment will last!

613 blonde human hair lace front wig

How Long Can You Keep A Lace Front Wig On?

You can wear it for 2-6 weeks at a time before you need to remove it. The life span of a lace front wig mainly depends on four factors. We will go over four major factors that are related to the impact on the lifespan of your lace front wig:

How Quality Of The Wig

How Often You Wear It

How You Wear It

How You Care For It

How Quality Of The Wig

The quality of the wig varies on the market, Generally speaking, Synthetic lace front wigs do not have longer lifespans than lace front human hair wigs. Invest in a high-quality lace front wig human hair tends to last for years just like your real hair.

How Often You Wear It

The times of wear really make a difference in the life of your wig. Think your wig like clothes, the more you wear it, the shorter lifetime it will be, In addition, your favorable entertainment activities also determine its life expectancy. If you have a more dynamic lifestyle, your wig won’t last as long as someone who has a quiet lifestyle.

How You Wear It

There are three methods to install a lace front wig:

Glueless Installment

Glue The Wig

Sew in Wig

The glueless lace front wig allows you to take on and take off your wig every day, This absolutely ensures the lifespan of the wig. it has a strap and clip inside the cap that helps the wig fit your head. This is a typical wig for beginners who are not good at using glue/tape.

Using Glue is a common way of applying a lace front wig, this method damages the wig and decreases the wig's longevity because adhesive clings to the lace, and hair strands are pulled out easily when cleaning the lace.

A sew-in weave is a better method than glue, the downside with the sew-in wig is that it results in hair loss. In addition, it is hard to wash and clean the wig because of the natural braided hair underneath.   

Undetectable Tranparent Lace

How To Maintain/Care For Lace Front Wigs

It's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for care to ensure the longest lifespan for your lace front wig. It is also helpful to refer to listed below.

Wrap all your hair into a silk/satin bonnet before you go to bed, this will prevent damage from the friction between the pillow and your hair.

Don’t brush it when the hair is wet, that is because the hair follicle is open when it is wet. So avoid damaging your wig, make sure your wig is properly dried before combing.

Store the wig properly: consider purchasing a wig stand to store your wig when you’re not in use.

Dry hair: After cleansing your hair, thoroughly dry your piece using a hood to avoid bacterial growth. An alternative choice is just to put a wig in a cool and dry place for a whole night.

Apply moisture product to refresh it- if you don’t want your hair to look dry, you could use hair oil to the wig to protect it.

How to Make Your Lace Front Wig Last Longer

Where To Choose A Good Quality Wig

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