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Why Is Straight Hair More Attractive


Straight hair is known as so attractive hair for being organized and handling easily. Many girls compared more preferred hair types about is straight or curly hair more attractive. Why Is Straight Hair More Attractive? Straight hair has a traditional and classic look that is just more welcomed in modern society, and curly hair was voluminously popular in the previous age. For every black woman, straight hair looks more natural than frizzy curly hair on them that's why is straight hair so popular, and why do i look better with straight hair, However,  here is considered by subjective opinion How do you think what's more attractive curly or straight hair?curly or straight hair sexier? Just be comfortable with your personal style.

Is Straight Hair Attractive?

Straight hairstyle is so attractive hair texture that girls are looking for, straight hair natural black which can make you look radiant, especially long straight hair is attractive as versatile and stylish features, which are preferred by a large amount of people.

Popular Straight Hair

Why Is Straight Hair So Popular

* Straight hair is popular because it is easy to create different styles and looks, it is also able to look neat, tidy and well presented, which appeals to most people's eyes. It's also easier to maintain the health of straight hair as the oils flow through it quicker.That’s why straight hair more popular.

Straight Hair Natural


Is Curly Hair Attractive?

* Curly hair can be just as attractive, but it needs slightly more care when washing and styling.
Is Curly hair More Attractive

It usually looks good, when in great condition, and not overly processed. It suits being in styles that allow the curls to flow, which is usually longer, and not too many layers.

Why Is Curly Hair So Attractive

Curly hair benefits from being allowed to dry naturally as heat dries curly hair out, and causes damage very quickly. Lots of intense conditioners, and products that seal in moisture are good for curls. Serums, and curl smoothing balms, applied when wet, seal in moisture, and help define long luscious curls.

Is Curly Hair Or Straight Hair More Attractive

what's more attractive curly or straight hair? Which is more attractive between curly or straight hair,do guys prefer straight or curly hair better? These are people often asked, the answer is: Straight hair is more attractive, while it's all perspective,

if you are born with curly hair you tend to want straight hair, as you can't have it. If you are born with straight hair you tend to want curls. The grass is always greener on the other side as they say.

Why Is Straight Hair More Attractive

Black straight hair can act as a more reflective surface perfectly than natural curly hair and wavy hair, Bone straight hair is a classic type of straight hair that is very pretty to have a sleek and silk pattern.

In some Western country, people tend to view long straight hair as a secondary sexual characteristic for the female which appeal the opposite sex. Straight hair is a modern trend and More and more women choose straight hair to express their personality and confidence, we can say that you feel better about the way you have hair straightening. That’s why do i look better with straight hair, Do You guys like straight or curly hair better.

Why is straight hair considered beautiful? The answer lies in the soft and smooth experience that comes with straight hair. Additionally, maintaining straight hair tends to be more affordable, requiring less expenditure compared to curly hair.

Is Curly Or Straight Hair Sexier

There are no fixed criteria about which hair texture is sexier, opinion varies from different people:

Some people think curlier is sexier because of bouncy and fabulous, while others will assume straight hair is sexier with elegant, shiny hair texture.

Frequently asked by people About Black Straight Hair:

Q:how common is straight hair in African Americans?

A:Everywhere you look, Black African females suddenly have straight or “good” hair, as they call it. You hardly see a “natural” haired Black African person any more. In fact, most “long” hair that one sees on black females today is a wig or what is called a “hair extension” (fake or human hair bonded into the wearer’s real hair to create the illusion of long flowing locks). From Egypt search.

Q:Is there a way to change your hair type and make your curly hair straight permenantly?

A:You can chemically straighten your hair. The affected portion of hair is straight as if it came out of the straightening iron but it will still grow curly from the roots. So you will have to repeat this process every 6 months or so depending on how fast your hair grows. From what I know this is as close as you can reverse perm to permanently straighten your hair. Source From Quora.

Q:Do you think that straight hair for female is more attractive than curly/wavy?

A:I've looked at some make-over pictures, and everyone's hair if they were previously curly or wavy has to be straight to supposedly look better!  From Yelp.

 turning curly hair into straight

Q:what percentage of the population has straight hair? what percentage of the world has straight hair.

A:According to a recent survey, we give result show at the below:

45% having straight hair, 40% having wavy hair, and 15% having curly hair in the world. Data from MedicineNet.

Q:Is Black Hair More Attractive?

A:black hair is the most attractive and almost all females like it because black hair symbolizes alive and appealed. After all, it is one that never goes wrong and is easy to manage. black-haired girl is always attractive and luxurious and looks its best.

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