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Why Does My Wig Keep Riding Up In The Back

Some women may discover the wig rides up in the back of the head when installing their wigs, and they want to clarify the reason for this occurring, In this post, we will cover the best ultimate instructions to help you learn the reason for wig riding up and how to prevent the wig from riding up in the back to ensure your wig stay in place.

Many situations may happen that cause wigs to ride up:

Your Wig is not the correct size

The first thing is there's you should make sure that you are wearing the right size.

So your wig can ride up if it's not the correct size. Particularly when it comes to wig size is small. One thing I would say is to make sure that you have already measured your head that you compare it to the wig that you are wearing and that you're wearing the correct size.

wig size chart

Your Natural Hair Doesn't Lay Flat Well Underneath Wig

Ensuring your natural hair is properly prepared is crucial When wearing a wig. Unprepared and loose hair provides an unstable foundation, leading to the wig riding up. Just think of it as building a house without a solid base. To prevent this, neatly secure your hair to allow the wig to lie flat. Avoid any bulky bumps that hinder the fit. Braiding the natural hair into cornrow is an excellent method that caters to various hair textures. For those less adept at braiding, a sleek low bun, coupled with wig caps, provides a tidy, flat alternative.

braid natural hair into cornrow

Your Securing Method Isn’t Effective

Whether method you use to attach the wig in place like Wig tape, glue, or clips, and you want to know why your wig is still riding back, just try the wig silicone as a substitution.

The Silicone Grip, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, firmly secures wigs with its natural gripping properties. Quick to apply and remove, it's suitable for active pursuits like rollercoasters.

Ensuring a comfortable, all-day fit without constant adjustments, it's suitable for bald heads, often obviating the need for extra securing methods. Enjoy a carefree wig experience with this convenient and confidence-boosting solution.

How To Fix Wig Riding Up In The Back

Adjust The Elastic Band

All wigs have adjustable straps to provide a custom fit, This will help to secure placement. If it's riding up let you tighten it, too tight can make it ride up more, so if you feel like it's riding up and it's kind of bothering you try loosening it in the back a little bit first to see if that helps as well.

Grab A Wig Grip

A wig grip is a specialized accessory designed to secure wigs in place. It's typically made of soft, stretchy material with a non-slip surface. Worn underneath the wig, it provides a comfortable and secure fit, preventing any shifting or slipping during wear. This innovative solution enhances wig-wearing confidence and comfort.

hair grip band

Sew A Couple of Clips Into the Cap To Secure The Wig

Your clips are at the bottom because your wigs tend to lift or pop up. What you need to know this method is suitable for those who have a fair quantity of natural hair.

Firstly, prepare your hair before putting on a wig-let your hairdo a low bun that is tied flat, then wear a wig cap.

Sew clips in the cap- Use nylon thread and needle to sew the wig clip facing inwards the cap- on each side of the nape. Assure to leave an inch of space between clips.

Lastly, put the wig in place on your head-gently press the middle of the wig clips to fix the wig, You can 'snap' to secure the wig in place and 'unsnap' to take it off easily.

Final Words

Experiencing a wig that continuously rides up in the back can be frustrating, With the right knowledge and techniques, you can confidently flaunt your wig and embrace your unique style. Say goodbye to riding-up woes and hello to a newfound confidence in your wig-wearing journey!

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