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How To Melt Lace On A Closure Wig

Melt the lace is a crucial step to the ultimate look for a lace wig, Determine whether you need to reinstall your lace wig to make it natural-looking, In this section, we are going to introduce the Best&Easiest Way to melt lace like a pro on lace closure.

Lace Melt On Closure Wig Well

First, you should master the definition of lace closure wig, lace closure wig always comes in different sizes 4x4 lace closure wig, 5x5 lace wig, 6x6 closure wig, and 5x5 wig is standard size.5x5 closure wigs, the same is true that can do side part as what lace front wig, nevertheless, the lower price they have. The glueless 5x5 closure wig looks and feels more natural anchored with Adjustable straps and wig clips.

Secondly, when we get into the blend lace tutorial. Some factors affect how better lay the lace down with your skin.

Installer technique: The more experience the installer has, the better the hair lace wig ends up looking.

Lace Color: Make sure to choose a lace color that suits your skin color when you purchase for an order, There are several lace types on the market, medium brown lace, Swiss lace, and HD lace. Choosing high-definition lace will never go wrong which can easier melt with any skin hue.

Human Hair 5x5 Lace Closure Wig

How To Melt Lace On Closure Wigs?

In the end, let’s prepare all products and things prematurely:

Adhesive, Wig Cap, Razor, Rat Tail Comb, Make-Up Foundation, Tweeze, Blow dryer, Bleach Power, Hot Comb, Got 2B spray.

Step by step follow the instructions:

ⅠBleach The Knots

The bleaching time is approximately 10 - 30 minutes. Make sure your developer and bleaching power mixture is thick enough so that the bleach just settles on the knots. In mshair store,pre-bleached knots are in all kinds of lace wigs, meaning you don’t need bleach knots at all.

ⅡBraid Natural Hair

Make all-natural hair into Cornrows, pull them over your head, and wrap them in a wig cap.

ⅢClean your Hairline

Pay attention to keeping your skin clean around the hairline part before installing any lace wig, using prevent skin care products that could prevent irritation, itch, or soreness due to the amount of product.

ⅣPluck Wig

It is integral to use tweeze pluck and make holes on purpose around the hairline, this may be a little time-consuming, so remain patient to do it as you don’t want to destroy your hair. lay that lace down Repeat those steps until the whole front sway is laid down.

ⅤApply hold glue

Use Got 2B to spray the area of the scalp where you are laying the lace and blow dry to make it slightly tacky. Use the tip of the rat tail comb to gently press the contour of the hairline to hold the wig.

ⅥTrim Excess Lace

Use a razor to cut away the excess lace as close to your hairline as possible until all is cut.

Ⅶ Style hair

The hot comb is used to straighten or curl your hairstyle that’s going to melt the lace wig quicker but does damage to your hair. Slicking it back so that all of the hair is tucked in when we are wearing it. In the end, it is recommended to use a make-up foundation that matches your skin color to tint the hairline and middle part of the wig naturally.


So, looks as if you don’t melt lace with the lace closure well, it can cause look false, This is why melt lace closure plays an important role in the installation. Mshair offers Passionate customer consultant service where we can go hand in hand with what you need to get the perfect look fit for your budget and lifestyle.

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