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How To Put On A Lace Front Wig With Glue

Apply Lace Front Wig With Glue Is One Of the Installment techniques. Installing the wig with glue is a time-consuming process, you should be patient to wear hair locks so the wig will stay on firmly head for a long time.

Copper Lace Front Wig

To install a lace front wig with glue properly and successfully, you need to carefully follow the 7 steps listed below.

There are 7 steps for wig installment, let's view them below.

Step 1:Plait Your Hair Before Installing A Wig

Brush Natural Hair Before Wearing Wigs For Black Women

Braid the hair, you will get beautiful curly hair. Make sure all of your hair is tucked into the wig cap, from the front to the nape of your neck.

Step 2:Put On Your human lace front wigs

Put on Lace Wig

Use these zigzag scissors to cut the excess lace on the temples. Make sure first cut straight down the middle of the lace. so that you won't cut the lace wrong. If you start trimming lace from one side, it is easier to do fault work.

Step3: Cut The Excess Lace Off Your Head

Cut The Lace With Caution

Cut excess lace off is important to cut the lace off that is above your ear because that kind of determines how flat the lace will lay. Take scissors or a razor to cut away all the excess lace Carefully, it was originally in the middle so again go ahead and cut the other side and do the same practice. then going in a motion close to your hairline.

Step 4:Apply Wig Glue

Install Lace Front Wig With Glue

Pick out the baby's hair, and apply glue on the hair's edge. then bleach and dye the knots to resemble your natural hairline and match your skin tone.

Step 5:Blow Dry Glue

Blow the hair glue with a hair dryer on the cool setting to make it dry quickly. Make sure the wig fits securely on your hair as this is key, It's embarrassing if the wig comes loose on your head.

Step 6. Make Baby Hair

Cut the long baby hair to make a simply flawless hairline, use a brush to tidy the hair's edge, and cut the lace. To create a natural look, you should cut baby hair at the hairline and use tweeze to pull out hair, it could bring the illusion of growth from the hairline. then style the baby hair you want with oil and style tools.

Step 7. Style Lace Front Wig At Will

Make Foundation On Lace Wig

Comb and style your hair whatever you like. Use a comb to divide the hairline, and sleek hair with wax by a brush. The next step would be to go ahead and hot comb the hair now we're gonna go into the kind of just laying the flat top, don't pull the hot comb too far down on the curls. Still, make your curls start as close as possible to the root, and then make sure you're putting in the back to cover that backtrack.

Before you try to wear a wig without glue, I recommend reading the guide How To Install A Lace Front Wig Without glue, so that you are learned with the information you need about putting on glueless wig skills.

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