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How Long Does A Lace Front Wig Install Last

Generally speaking, A 13x4 Lace Front Wig install may last 1-6 weeks depending on the specific installment way, caring habits, and hair quality. Wig installs are known as a relatively expensive and complicated procedure, whether you wear them yourself or put them on by a professional hairstylist. Therefore, many people wonder whether worth it. In this article, we will mainly talk about how long does a wig install last


Curly Brown hair wig

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

The Lace Front Wig uses a curved needle and nylon needle to complete the weave at the entire back of the head except for the front hairline from ear to ear. The baby hair around the hairline exactly imitates how my hair grows out making the front look realistic.

Body Wave Wig

When some people suffer from lost hair or are bald, receding hairline, however, this is a wonderful thing for a lace front wig to recreate a hair system to bring confidence to you.

How Long Does A Lace Front Wig Install Last?

The longevity of the Lace Front Wig installs is influenced by some factors. such as installation methods, the decent of caring, or the quality of hair self. So, we would give instructions about these various situations.

Here are three main situations.

1. Different Installation:

how long do wig installs last depends on the installment method, According to the different ways to install a lace front wig, it can be inferred how long does a wig installation last.

Glue Installment: In this case, you use glue to install a lace front wig then it will stay on your head for about one to six weeks(depending on conglutinate tools or product). In some meaning, the better the wig secured on your head, the longer the wig installation lasts.

Glueless route: Use elastic straps, wig clips, or wig combs to allow you to put on and take off in minutes.And secured firmly on your head that lasts a whole daytime.

2. About Caring: Washing human hair lace front wigs for about two weeks is a truth. With proper care, the lace front wig will extend longer time than you expect.

3. Hair Quality: Product quality varies from good to bad at online stores; the better quality, the more natural effect. You should buy a wig of high-quality 100% Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wigs that last longer period than chemical hair fiber. You may choose non-processed wigs from MShair. Excellent quality 13x4 lace front wig human hair and 13x6 lace front wig human hair can be found there. They will help you protect your natural hair and scalp.

How To Make Your Lace Front Wig Install Last Longer?

Avoid exposing the wig to heat sources

Heat sources may not only make your hair dry and brittle, but it can also influence the lifespan of your wig. So preventing heat sources is necessary to carry out.

Store the wig in the proper place

Wear a Silk or satin bag to avoid hair contact with your pillow and sheets when you sleep, or you should take off your wig and place it on a mannequin head when not worn.

Brush your wig carefully

You should comb the wig regularly, rude brushing may be likely to tear your lace or lift the wig Keep pressing the top of the hairpiece from lifting.

Detangle your wigs

Try useful methods to minimize tangles. Detangle your wig on time if you don’t want to deteriorate your wig. Using special products for wigs won’t harm your wig's longevity. Usually, use formulated products such as oil, conditioner, wide-comb to detangle your hair.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Lace Front Wig?

The Time you take to install a lace front wig varies, according to individual level of installment and related experience with wigs. Regularly, it takes less than one hour to wear a lace front wig well, a wig install doesn’t take a long time than sewn in weave and extensions with frontal.

It is crucial to make sure the lace frontal wig is secured firmly and comfortable to wear.

I hope the above tips are helpful to you. And visit mshair. com to select your Favorite hairpiece for your new look.

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