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How To Keep Wig From Slipping On Bald Head

Many women may be confused about wigs slipping and falling off. We will introduce Five ways to help keep the wig in place on the head steadily, which is friendly for persons who have alopecia or a bald head.

The following methods help you feel peace of mind whenever and wherever you wear the wig.

Method 1:Silicone Headbands Non-Slips


How To Use A Silicone Headband?

The silicone Headband features a hypoallergenic silicone material with velvet grips to apply your wig in seconds simply place the wig fixed slightly behind your hairline put your wig on as usual and then pull it down on all sides to make sure it's secure over the wig fix.

What Benefit Can You Get From Silicone Headbands?

Your hair is ready to take on the day with rollercoaster proof security means that there won't be any slipping and sliding when you flip your hair when you go for a run if you do a back flip if you get in a fight is designed to simultaneously protects against any leaks. Additionally, you can apply and remove it in seconds. You Can also get one from Mshair.

Method 2:Choose Wigs With Grip Technology

How To Use A Wig With Grip?

Nowadays, a new product design come out in wig world. Wigs With Grip Technology is the same idea with silicone headbands. It adopts the technique that placing the silicon inside the wig cap like a modern show hair store’s glueless closure wig. It is important to learn that the silicone material provides a strong grip on the naked scalp so it can stay firmly when wearing this type of wig cap construction.

What Benefit Can You Get From Wigs With Grip?

This design is the most convenient and comfortable to wear due to put it on straightforwardly without excess process.

Method 3: Wig Adhesive

If you don’t know how to secure a wig with no hair, You can use either liquid adhesives or double-sided tapes to secure your wig in place.

How To Use A Wig Adhesive?

1. Begin by cleaning the areas where you are ready to apply the tape/adhesive or glue. removing excess oils and dirt.

2. Attach the wig tape/adhesive along your hairline. This step sets the foundation for a strong and reliable bond to your scalp.

3. Allow the adhesive to fully dry. This step is crucial for ensuring the bond is strong and reliable.

What Benefit Can You Get From Wig Adhesive?

Use adhesive/tape will last you a long time, This is likely the optimal method to ensure your wig stays securely in place.

Method 4: Wig Cap

The wig cap is Ideal for those without natural hair, ensuring a secure fit. It not only can as barrier between scalp and wig also can solve itchiness for sensitive skin.

How To Use A Wig Cap?

Start from the front of your hairline and pull it back, aligning with your natural hairline.

What Benefit Can You Get From Wig Cap?

It is crucial to maintain the cleanliness of your wig and protect your scalp from breakage.

Method 5: Wig Grip Band

wig grip band literally removes the need for tape and clips and is the perfect solution to keeping your wig secure and fitting comfortably.

wig grip band

How To Use A Wig Grip Band?

Just flip the band over and wear the grip strip against your wig it's super simple you decide what provides you the best support and works best for you either way.

What Benefit Can You Get From Wig Grip Band?

Reduce traction press:your wig will stay in place all day and this band also helps with wig cap pressure.

Lightweight: is thin enough to be undetectable under any wig it's one size fits all

Versatile: it is available in multiple of colors including beige, blonde and brunette.

How To Secure A Wig On Short Hair

The above methods are also suitable for those who don't have much hair or short hair, here are instructive tips to secure your wig on short hair without worrying about the possibility of a wig sliding off.
1. make sure your wig is in the correct size.
2. select a type of polyester wig cap, that acts as a barrier and protects natural hair.
3. wear a wig band to help your wig keep it secure.
4. prepare your short natural hair and create a well-defined part, this will build a solid foundation and give it a more natural look.
5. Apply a suitable hair gel to tame any baby hairs, flyaways, and natural hair, ensuring that the wig sits smoothly and flat against your hair.


You Can Try Every way so you can find the one that suits you best. Luckily, it is reportedly that being bald is usually comfortable and free to wear a wig. No hair is unique beautiful and Always be confident to represent yourself by these ways.

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