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How To Keep Wig From Tangling

Whenever you wear your hair wig that brings gorgeous beauty and confidence for yourself, however, it is apparent that the wig can tangle easily just like your own natural hair, You want to make your hair wig look as good as possible. So a few knots that won't budge is something we have to concentrate on.

In this post, I want to share with you some common factors which make a wig more likely to get tangled, and some top tips on keeping wigs from tangling. Do research On Investing in good-quality Human hair wigs and carefully maintain a routine that would make a difference in keeping a wig as long as possible.

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Why Do Hair Get Tangled? What Does Tangle Mean

How To Detangle A Wig

Other Useful Tips For Keeping Human Hair Wigs Tangle-Free



Why Do Hair Get Tangled? What Does Tangle Mean

Hair wig-tangle depends on several important factors:

> Product build-up on the wig

>the hair cuticles are not in order in the same direction

>Changeable weather like Wind, rain

>When it’s stored improperly

>The Poor Quality The Wig Is Made

Tangle means the same as snarl that to unite or knit together into mass intertwisted confusion. The wig tends to dry out more than real-nature hair due to bio hair having the ability to produce natural oils constantly that won’t get crispy or dull in itself.

Some Feasible Advice You Can Go Into On Stop Wig From Tangling

<Brushing Your Wig Regularly

Messy tangles can come across If you don’t comb your hair regularly, please comb your hair twice a day before you wear it and after you take off it. While you are going on a tangle, to begin at the ends of your hair, and gently upwards will assist in hair tangle-free.

<Choose A Good Quality Wig

There’s no doubt that investing in a cheap wig is likely to be knotted as poorly constructed and over-processed on the hair which leads to fake sheen and more tangling. The best way to eliminate wiriness is to Invest a High-Quality human hair wigs with real human hair fibers from a reputable brand like Modern Show Hair.

<Make Sure The Wig Fit Your Head Well

In case the movement of wig on your head, it is best to be sure that the wig measurement is accurate and matchable for your head, which will help make it tangle-free during the day.

<Never Sleep In Your Wig

Sleeping with your wig is prone to causing hair tangle or even damage, so it is necessary to take off a wig before going to bed at night.

<Prepare 2 Piece Wigs

Our advice for extending the life of a wig is to have two wigs, so you can wear the wig all the time. When you wash one, another is ready for you. Meanwhile, Whenever You look fresh and well due to enough time to maintain each one hairpiece.

<Invest The Wide-Tooth Brush

Use a wide-tooth that’s made for wigs Or Extensions to style or remove hair knots. Don’t choose a normal comb unless you would like to lead irreparable tangles.  

<Spray Detangling product

Use a good-quality spray that sulfate-free and alcohol-free products to gently detangle wigs

Leave-in conditioners are also great to keep you looking fabulous. Spray it intermittently and brush through. If It there are still stubborn knots, don’t pull or tug them,  just add more spray on the hair and tease them out.

<Apply heat-protecting serum When Styling

Excess use of heat will make the hair crispy&dry, and cause breakable. It is useful to consider applying a heat-protecting serum When Styling that protects hair fibers from breakage and further prevents tangling.

<Avoid Active Sports as much as possible

Plenty of sweat can wet your hair when you go on heavy exercise causing hair tangled and frizzy, the composition of sweat can influence the PH balance of hair, which will damage hair.

Other Useful Tips For Keeping Human Hair Wigs Tangle-Free

We have received feedback from our clients that the wig tangles at the nape of the neck as the friction rubs, it most obviously appears when you have a wig that is too long.

Buy A Short Wig-short hair wigs are manageable and less tangled than long hair wigs. because of the nature of long hair, it is more difficult to work with. Therefore, the shorter length aids in stopping wigs from tangling easily.

However, curly hair wigs tend to occur mattered/knotted hair than silk straight hair, so you should concentrate on the texture before you purchase a wig.


If You Have any questions about tangling issues, Contact us for a professional consultation and we are happy to help you solve the problem to make you feel satisfied and confident.

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