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How To Wash A Curly Human Hair Wig

Most people admire voluminous and natural curls that bring a gorgeous look with popular style, and Curly human hair requires tender loving care they need to be treated, Alternatively, it is more prone to breakage than straight hair since tangling and dryness, keep reading on to learn about How to wash and revive a curly hair wig properly, Scroll down.

Things you will need:

Wide-tooth comb

A Clean Towel

Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner

Hair Cream Or Mousse

The best part?

curly human hair wig

How To Wash Curly Hair Wig Properly

1. Comb Your Hair Before Washing Your Hair Wig

Make Sure all tangles are removed: Use a wide-tooth comb or finger to brush the curls, beginning at the end and towards the roots.

Be gentle in the whole detangling process, girls! If you are overstretched to treat the hair, it will lose the original curly style.

comb curly hair using finger

2. Soak The Wig And Pre-wash

put your hair into the pool and dampen the wig. Let water penetrate all hair strands so that efficient shampooing.

3. Mix Luke-warm Water And Shampoo

Whatever shampoo you can choose, a specifically formulated shampoo for curly hair is beneficial to their longevity. Check out the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to get shine and elasticity of your curls.

Take the wig inside out and grab a toothbrush to clean the cap gently.

Please don’t do so like rubbing, squeezing, and swirling which causes the hair to get frizzy easily.

4. Rinse The Wig

rinse the shampoo with flowing warm water till all the shampoo is gone.

5. Add Conditioner To Clean Your Hair

Leave-in conditioner can help your hair lock in moisture, apply the conditioner and sit it for several minutes before rinsing your curls off.

Remember that you had better not apply conditioner too close to the hair roots.

6. Wash and rinse again until the water is clear

the conditioner can be rinsed off thoroughly from bottom to top to avoid straightening the hair.

7. Allow to dry

Human hair is like a sponge, Firstly, you can use a dry and clean towel to pat&  absorb the excess water in the hair. If you have enough time before the next usage, dry it naturally on the wig stand without damaging the hair strands. Otherwise, you can use a blow dryer to dry your curls at a low temperature when you have a tight time.

8. Style it properly

when you find that your curly hair is not coming back perfectly, a curly human hair wig allows you to use a hot iron with a low set to revive the curls, moreover, be sure to grab a heat protectant to protect it from damage.

9. Nourish And Store The Curls

For curly hair, hair moisture especially plays an important role in it. You must be careful of your use of your curls. Also, you can use hair cream or mousse to reshape the curls. When it comes to storing curly hair, it is a good option to Store your wig in a plastic bag or mannequin head. 

Take the above 9 steps on how to wash a curly human hair wig in a kind and caring way, so you can get back your natural bouncy curls. If you want to learn a thorough curly human hair guide for your wig, read our post: 'How To Detangle And Maintain Curly Human Hair Wigs'?

That's not all...there are some tips on maintenance Curly Wig

Tip 1: What you should do to minimize tangles: use oil to nourish hair's cuticle for restoring and refreshing your hair, and apply it before conditioning after shampooing.

Tip 2:Avoid exposing your curly hair to harsh sun Directly, because UV rays can strip away the water in your curls, it is advised to wear a hat/scarf when you are under the sunlight for a long time.

Tip 3:Try your best not to go to the Swimming pool or sea with your curly wig where chlorine takes away the hair oil, which you will feel dry and coarse.

Tip 4: Human hair is vulnerable when wet, So comb curly hair while the hair shaft is parched.

How Often Should You Wash Curly Hair Wig?

It is recommended to wash your curly human hair wig twice a month when the wig is dirty, it depends on how frequently you wear it, please remember that the more time you wash it, the shorter lifespan your wig will hold.

How To Get A Curly Human Hair Wig?

Mshair is a reputed wig store that provides high-quality human hair wigs at an affordable price. You are free to purchase one if you like it.

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