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How To Detangle And Maintain Curly Human Hair Wigs?


In the fast increasing fashion days,who doesn’t want perfect and different curl patterns for wigs in all types of weather? Who would like to wear a mess hair everyday? Girls, keep in mind if you wear a curly wig, and want to keep those curls to stay beautiful as long as possible, you have to care for them properly.

Here are some human hair wig care tips on How to detangle curly wig and how to maintain curly wigs:

1. Brushing Curly Wigs

First and foremost, you need to put away your standard brushes. A brush causes frizz and can make it hard to restore your curls. Only a wide-tooth comb should be used on a curly wig. If you find the curls on your human hair wig don’t look like they used to, you can try methods for restoring your curls. This can be time-intensive, so make sure to set aside the time.

2. Detangle Curly Wig

Use a wide-tooth comb to section off the hair. Divide the hair with a comb. For tight ringlets, create smaller sections. Larger, looser curls can be divided into bigger sections. This is the initial step in curly wig care.

Mist each section lightly with a conditioning spray before you detangle a human hair wig. Make sure to use products formulated for curly wigs for easy detangling like the Leave-in Conditioner by BeautiMark for easy detangling. Once the hair is sprayed, gently detangle each section from the bottom to the top until you comb through it without snagging, and comb your hair till it doesn’t tangle or matte.



3. Wash Your Curly Wig

Washing your curly wig is essential for maintaining its freshness and bounce.

To do it right, start by gently squeezing the curls from the bottom to the top, ensuring you don't reverse the process, which could lead to loosening. 

When it's time for a wash, use a shallow basin with warm water and wig shampoo. Swish the wig gently, avoiding any vigorous rubbing. Afterward, carefully lay it on towels to air dry. Pat away excess water, avoiding any rubbing to preserve those beautiful curls.

Remember, curly wigs don't require frequent washing like natural hair. However, over time, dirt and oils can accumulate, dulling its shine.

4. Restoring Curls

Once your wig is tangle-free, it’s time to restore your curls. Using your fingers, twist each curl and let it bounce back into shape. If your wig has small ringlets, you’ll have to work with smaller sections. If you are looking for a new look, go for bigger sections of hair.

If after a finger twist, a curl does not bounce back to its original shape, you may just be a little turned around! The curl might actually twist a different way for wig curl patterns. Still using your fingers, twist the curl in the opposite direction and see if that gets the correct curl. You will need to continue this routine throughout the entire wig to return it to its original curl pattern.

5. Maintaining Curly Wigs 

After all that work, you will want to maintain the style you achieved. The best way to do this is with a hairnet for curly wig maintenance. Hopefully, you saved the net that originally came with your wig. If not, a replacement hairnet will do. Carefully, slip the hairnet over the wig, so that the net will maintain and hold the curls you just restored in place. The net should stay on until you are ready to wear the wig again. 

You won’t have to repeat this process often, but it can help to lengthen the lifespan of your curly wigs' lifetime.

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