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How To Untangle A Wig

There is no doubt that hair needs good maintenance in order to live a long life, untangling your knotty hair can revive your wig. Read on for our best tips on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots.

real human hair wig

Why Wigs Get Tangled

Let's get into three reasons why wigs get tangled, and then scroll down on.

Real hair will have the nutritional supply of the human body while wigs will not, Wigs do not produce the oils they need to nourish the hair on their own, so wigs tend to get tangled.

if you don't take care of the wig carefully, your wig may be tangled. There are many reasons for hair tangles like this. For example, if you don't wash your wig for a long time, causing too much dirt to attach to your hair will also cause this to happen.

Synthetic wigs are more prone to tangles than real hair and can be difficult to comb once tangled, so it's best to buy a quality human hair wig.

Detangle Your Wig Through 4 Steps

(1)Putting The Wig On The Styrofoam Head

Get ready to deal with wig tangles and put the wig in the right place on the wig stand,We recommend one that's made of cork and canvas. You'll need to pin the wig on wig stand so you don't have to fumble around.

Secure the wig with T-pins to prevent it from falling off the mannequin head during the untangling process.

(2)Use Wide-Comb To Untangle the Wigs

Before you’ve styled the wig,you need to use comb/brush to make hair silky.Use your fingers or a wig-specific comb to untangle your hair while it's dry, as hair tends to break more easily when it's wet.And curly pieces require more patience and more energy than straight, wavy units.being patient,being gentle,and taking care to brush the wig from the bottom up.

a better way to tackle a really stubborn knot is to see if you can free some hair by hand,just pulling them away from the center of the knot with your fingers.

(3)Wash Your Wig

Make sure to do this after the wig is untangled,choosing the proper cleaning products will decrease knots. Firstly, wide tooth comb and comb the hair starting at the ends and working up to the top in order to distribute the shampoo and water.Always comb hair gently,if you over stretch the hair, the curly texture won't return.

(4)Let Your Wig Dry

For best results, allow your wig to air dry.Use natural wind to dry your hair in a cool environment, if you are in a hurry, you can also set the hair dryer to a low temperature setting to dry the wig quickly.

How to Prevent Hair From Tangling

Untangle Wig

Now that you have untangled your wig, you should be wondering how to effectively avoid tangles, Here are some tips.

put the wig in place-like not throwing it in the back of a car, for example, will make them last so much longer.

Choose High-Quality Human Hair Wigs- High-quality wigs mean it saves you a lot of hassle, These wigs don't tangle easily and look better than synthetic wigs.

Other Helpful Ways:

There are many hair tools to keep the wig smooth and silky, One way of getting rid of hair tangle is to put the wigs in a storage bag to help hair lock in moisture when you don't utilize them. Secondly, hair wax sticks slay perfect hairline styling smooth frizzy hair, Increasing the texture of the hair to make the hair more clean and tidy. Hair bonnet for sleeping elastic Wide edge night hair cap is made for satin, Dust, and static-proof to protect hair well. Read on 'How To Detangle And Maintain Curly Human Hair Wigs' For More Wide Knowledge About Removing And Maintain Curly Hair Knots.

Friends can follow the tips above to help you untangle curly and long hair and promote longer wig life.

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