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Can You Swim With A Lace Front Wig

Having a fun day by the swimming pool with a lace front wig is a nice experience. Well, a lot of young girls ask, "Can I swim with a wig on?"The answer is: of course. But there are a few factors you need to be aware of when swimming. For this question, some points are listed to help you that how to swim with your lace front wig human hair.

Swim In My Lace Wig

The truth is that it is the harmful substances in the water that damage your hair system and the water itself won’t hurt your wig. Chlorine and sea salt can both dry out your wig. which damages synthetic hair or human hair extension. The water area is usually sorted by its depth: sea>lake>swimming pool. if you don't want to get into an embarrassing situation, don't spend too long underwater. Whether you go to the swimming pool, lake, or ocean, please remember that the higher the water level, the greater the risk of hair falling off, which is the wig being pulled out of your head due to water pressure.

How To Swim With Your Lace Front Wig Human Hair?

Human Hair Lace Front Wig

There Are 4 Rules for Swimming With Lace Frontal Wig


(1)Make Sure the Front Lace Wig Fits Securely On the Head

Choose a Walker waterproof tape ultra hold glue to install the wig, and make sure the wig is firmly on your head, if you find that the wig is not securely worn, then the wig may fall off and float on the water, thus putting yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Therefore, make sure the wig is secure before swimming, and you will need to reinstall the cheap human hair wig once discover that the wig is not secure firmly.

(2) Put on swim cap

Swim In The Pool

Wearing a specific swimming cap directly protects the hair from chemicals (chlorine, salt) and sun rays. Fully covering the lace wig with a swimming cap can effectively keep away the factors that are not conducive to a 100% human hair wig. Wearing a headscarf will also work if you don't have a swimming wig cap.

(3)Wash Your Wig

After swimming, it is necessary to take care of the wig well. Sea water and swimming pool water have substances that are harmful to the hair quality of human hair wigs. Therefore, after coming out of the swimming pool, wash the hair in time to remove the dirt on the hair.

we recommend that it is better not to wear your lace wigs in the shower. A little carelessness can damage your wig or hairline. if you must wear with wig in the shower, you should follow some tips:

  1. Turn your back and don't wear the wig under the shower head in case water splash or run onto your hairline.
  2. Set the shower temperature mode to warm and gentle water speed.
  3. Massage hair gently; this will make it simpler to remove the extra product from the wig.
  4. Last but not least check your adhesive is dry after showering, If the adhesive is soaked it means you may have to reattach the wig.

(4)Deep Condition Your Hair Wig

In addition to washing your hair with shampoo after swimming, it is also necessary to use conditioner after cleaning your wig, then dry hair in a cool environment away from light. If you want your wig to be professionally maintained and have enough money, you can take it to a barber and have it handled by a stylist. Afterward, you'll regain your gorgeous lace frontal wig.

 High Quality Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Kind Tips: Frequent swimming with a wig may affect the life of the wig, so the best way is not to always wear the same wig to the swimming pool if you don't want to damage it.

Most lace wigs are not waterproof due to adhesives are required to install them. Therefore, it is easy to come off when being hit by water waves in the sea or deep water zone. Wearing a lace front wig isn't a good idea in the pool or sea while swimming. and there are many ways to play with water, Some women like to float their heads on the water, and other women like to dive for entertainment. But not letting the wig be exposed to water, It is best to take off the wig and swim at any depth with natural hair in case rip your wig off the head. Or you can take off the glueless wig before diving and put it on as soon as you get ashore.

No matter what kind of lace wig, full lace wig, 360 wig, 13x4 lace wig, or closure wig, you can follow the above tips before swimming.

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