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How To Color A Wig

When it comes to crafting your hairstyle, many women looking forward to a new look want to dye the wig by themself, I hope you guys enjoyed the day this autumn, We will show you how to color your wig at home in this article.

613 blonde color human hair wig

Human hair wigs allow you to color like natural hair if you do it properly. Keep reading on in the next chapter.

How To Color A Human Hair Wig

To complete color a human hair wig, Things you will need:

Styrofoam wig stand


Bucket Or Bathtub

Hair dye


Dye Brush

Plastic Bowl


Wide-tooth comb/Brush

Wig color-safe Shampoo And Conditioner

You Should Know About The Preparation Before Coloring Your Wig

Select A Suitable Wig Color For Yourself

According to your Skin Undertones, wonder what color matches your skin best. There is a rule considered helpful for you: Choose a hair dye color that is contrary to your skin tone.

Warm tone: Try A cool color like brown or gold hair tones.

Cool tone: Try a warmer color like blonde or amber colors.

Neutral: You are the lucky girl with a neutral undertone that almost any color complements well with your skin.

Next, Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to color a human hair wig.

Step 1. Do a test strand.

To begin with, wearing the gloves, take out a small section of hair and apply the dye. Wait 30-40 minutes to tint the color. If the final color appears to suit your demand, you can apply it to the rest of the wig. If not, try a different shade type that aligns with your expectations.

Step 2. Apply Dye.

What you want to do is fill up the water with well-fill up the bucket with hot water, add dye to the water, and use a whisk to mix the water and dye thoroughly.

Apply dye to color a wig

A) dipping it into the color and was saturated vibrant and nice.

B) I just kept doing it and then dye shade in the water. Next grabbed a comb and just mixed it all in until everything was settled into the hot water I feel like.

C)If you don’t satisfy the moment the color comes out, continue repeating the above application until you like.

Tips: the less water you use for your wig the more vibrant and colored.

Step 3. Remove the excess dye.

by washing it under a tap with warm water before washing and conditioning the wig.

remove excess dye by washing it

Step 4. Shampoo and condition the wig.

As it is important to use a color-safe Shampoo, which is friendly to the colorful wig, apply the shampoo and conditioner with the normal wash and clean procedure.

Step 5. rinsing it out.

Gently use a towel to prevent the hair from dripping.

Step 6. Let the Wig Air dry.

Place the wig on a Styrofoam wig stand, and put the wig back on for it to completely dry.

By reading the above content to create a custom-colored wig, you can switch up your fresh look whenever you want at the snap of a finger.

View The Video: How To Color 613 Wig At Home


Additional Warning Tips You Should Follow When Coloring Your Wig

  1. Do A Color Test using A Hair Strand To Make Sure The Desired Look.
  2. Make Sure The Good Quality products and Tools help prolong the hair.
  3. Manage the right time during the color process.
  4. Don’t Forget To Wash And Condition Your Wig.
  5. Seek a colorist or Stylist for help when you are difficult to deal with this trial.
  6. Don’t close to the heat source or heat process to your color.
  7. Always purchase a hair dye that is a darker color than the wig itself, you can only color a virgin human hair wig, instead of lightening it, because the technique of bleach can destroy the wig.

FAQS About Coloring Wigs

Q: Can You Dye A Synthetic Wig

A: Unluckily, Professionals won’t recommend dyeing a synthetic wig, this can cause unreversed destruction of a synthetic fiber hair wig. Synthetic hair is not the same as human hair, it is best not to heat or color your synthetic wigs. However, it is a good thing that synthetic wigs often come in a variety of colorful series you can find online.

Q: What Is The Easiest Way To Dye A Human Hair Wig

A: To start with a 613-blonde human hair wig, you will go on the simplest way to deposit the color directly. Otherwise, it is necessary to bleach the knots on a wig which means you should be an experienced pro or you risk ruining a wig.

Q: What type of hair dye is good for human hair wigs?

A: *If the dye requires a developer, use the lowest developer possible. You can even use water in the developer to dilute it some.

*Since you're only depositing color, any traditional demi/semi-hair Dye is fine. Just avoid anything that requires a developer so as to not over process the hair.

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