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How To Style A Wig With Bangs

Tired of the standard style? Try an Innovative hairstyle like a wig with bangs without trimming natural hair. Nowadays, bangs have become the defining characteristic of Wig-wearing, and styling a wig with bangs can add a unique look to your self-perception. Today, we will cover everything about how to style a wig with bangs and share tricks and tips for you to get a perfect wig with fringe.

wig with bangs human hair

The Pros Of Wigs With Bangs

Younger appearance: The secret to being Youthful And dynamic, whatever your age is, the wig with bangs always is flattering and makes you look younger.

Modify facial blemishes: Hide Wrinkles, scars, and acne on your face, making your overall look flawless and glamorous.

Improve the imperfections: such as high and big forehead and irregular face shape.

Natural-looking: Give the illusion that hair is growing from our scalp and looks natural.

Eliminating the need for lace front: Wig with bangs offer relief from lace front discomfort, framing the face without the need for itchy lace.

How To Style A Wig With Bangs

1. Side swept bang

side swept bang

Creating a side-swept look is as easy as it sounds: just sweep your bangs to the side, and hold them in place using a wig styling cream.

2. Curtain Bang

curtain bang

Achieving stylish curtain bangs is effortless. Part the bangs in the center or your desired spot, then sweep each half to its side for a curtain effect. Whether evenly or unevenly parted, use a wig styling cream to hold the bangs in place, enhancing the framed face look. This easy styling technique allows for versatility in creating a personalized curtain bang appearance.

3. Straight Bang

straight bang

Creating a classic look with straight hair with bangs is simple. For a straight bang style, evenly cut the wig's fringe across the forehead based on personal preference and face shape. Using a wig comb or brush, sweep bangs from side to side while blow-drying with a diffuser on the COOL setting. Comb the bangs down afterward and lightly spray wig spray for hold.

4. Up-do Style

Elevate your wig style with captivating updo bangs.

Opt for a chic half-up, half-down look by securing half of your wig in a ponytail or bun, letting the rest flow freely.

Alternatively, create a casual low-side braid by gathering all your hair to one side.

For a polished appearance, style a sleek low ponytail or a stylish chignon bun at the neck's base.

5. Experiment with Accessories: 

headband accessories

Utilize diverse hair accessories as an ideal chance to make wigs with bangs stand out. Try adding a headband, scarf, bandana, or barrette to add some extra flair to your style.

Tips For Styling Wigs Into Bangs

The wig won’t grow back once you cut it. So be sure to be meticulous as any mistake will exist forever, there are 3 tips you should follow.

#1 Cut off less and shorter hair than you initially thought, leaving your bangs longer. This leaves room to even out your bangs and correct mistakes if necessary.

#2 Also, every wig has interior tabs at the temples that help you put on the wig more easily. Use these tabs as indicators of where to stop cutting your bangs on the sides to make sure you do not cut them too wide.

#3 For a more blunt look, hold your scissors horizontally. For a more shaggy look, cut vertically.


Wig with Bangs is so magical, and they even steal the show. If you want to start a new look from this style, you can find it at the Mshair store, we have many stunning colors, lengths, and styles to suit your desired look, take your time and enjoy a natural-looking wig with bangs that express your unique confidence and beauty.

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