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How To Thin Out A Wig Without Thinning Shears

Many people want to know how to thin out a wig that's too thick and What If I Don’t Have Thinning Shears. It Sounds Like thinning a wig without thinning shears is difficult to achieve, but it isn’t impossible.

Now, this is a fantastic tutorial about how I go from how it looks out of the box to making the wig look a lot more natural. 

 natural remy human hair wig for normal hair density

How To Thin Out A Wig To Make It Look Natural

The wig is super full and has a lot of volume which can kind of I feel make it look too unrealistic. 

If you have a wig that is a little bit too thick for your liking, there are ways and techniques that you can use at home to customize your pieces and remove some of that bulk. just to make it look more real&beautiful natural density.


Make sure you put your wig on to a head form and you could use some pins to hold it down. 

Regular scissors method: This is the exact technique that you’re gonna be using right here if you have good at least really decent sharp shears. Ensure to trim small amounts gradually and cut at a 45 degree angle to prevent choppy ends.

Using razor comb: Ensure you have a razor comb designed for hair thinning. This technique closely resembles the use of thinning shears but needs more caution and skills.

The Twist technique: First, you should take horizontal sections Whitting and weighing out wherever you want to start to see movement, then I’m going to twist those pieces up and carve them off at the perimeter.

Additional Tips:

1. You won’t want to make hair too thin by accident and you can always spin it more but once you thin it too much there's no going back. make sure you use the correct technique and experiment with a cheap wig.

2. If you're doing the twisting technique and you're cutting just more at the bottom. You wouldn't start at the top you would kind of go half way down at least and do some cutting.

3. If you're unsure or not confident about thinning hair yourself, consider seeking professional assistance.

Final Words:

At Mshair, we contribute to making sure that all our wigs wear and go straightforward out of the box, we provide all kinds of colors and styles, from glueless wigs to lace frontal wigs, transparent lace wigs, and 360 lace wigs, all designed for comfortable to wear and natural appearance. We also offer excellent services such as pre-plucked hairline, bleach knots, and pre-cut lace all for free.

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