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What Can I Use Instead Of Wig Glue

Wigs can give you unparalleled change for your look while protecting your hairstyle. No one wants an embarrassing experience with the wig shifting back and forth on the head even falling off. So many people like using adhesive or glue to secure the wig. At the same time, some individuals with sensitive skin or who looks forward to a glue-free method may be concerned about a problem ‘What can you use instead of wig glue?’In this article, we’ll cover some alternative options to help you how to hold a wig in place without glue.

Mild And Safe Substitutions For Wig Glue

Wig glue can cause allergic reactions or hair loss. This is because the glue or adhesive is composed of a chemical substance named latex’, which can lead to irreversed damage to scalp pores and hair follicles. There are some methods to wear hair systems instead of using wig glue.

1.Wig Tape

wig tape

Wig tape is also named double side tape. It is a good choice alternative for security and affordability. Wig tape can hold up the wig for up to several weeks, meanwhile, it comes with pre-cut strips and various strengths so it will make you worry-free because it holds a wig well in place.

Pros of Wig tape: wig tape is economically friendly, as it is very cheap and a roll of tape can be used for quite a long time.

This method is perfect for those who have bald heads or sensitive skin.

Wig tape is gentle and less irritating than wig glue.

Cons Of Wig tape: Frequent take of your wig makes the tape removal process painful. Regular removal of the wig and tape can cause discomfort over time.

Strong Holding Spray

got2b hairspray

Holding spray is an ideal solution for wig attachment, offering a durable hold while gentler on the hairline than glue. Its layering capability ensures a natural appearance without lumps or bumps. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use holding spray to keep your wig firmly in place.

How To Apply Your Wig With Holding Spray

Here's a concise, step-by-step guide to applying a wig with holding spray:

  1. Begin by cleansing the skin with alcohol to remove oils.
  2. Position the wig on your head as you intend to wear it.
  3. Lift the wig edge and spray hairspray generously along the hairline.
  4. Dry the spray with the cool setting of hairdryeruntil tacky.
  5. Press the wig lace firmly into the tacky mist.
  6. Repeat this process around the entire hairline.
  7. Secure the wig by wrapping a silk scarf around the hairline.
  8. Once dry, remove the silk scarf and ensure the hairspray is fully set.
  9. Clean any excess spray with alcohol-soaked cotton.
  10. 10. style the wig as you desire.

Pros of holding spray: Hair spray is more convenient to apply to the hairline than wig glue.

It is less harmful to your hairline and scalp than glue.

The spray is invisible and provides a natural look.

Cons of holding spray: Cons of holding spray: Hairspray can't hold up firmly as glue, gel, or adhesive.

The method is non-waterproof and may not secure well in humid or hot weather.

It is easy to get messy as hairspray may mess up your makeup.

Wig Grip


A wig grip is a non-slip headband worn beneath a wig to prevent shifting. It eliminates the need for adhesive-like glue and offers a secure attachment method. Make sure to choose a color that matches your skin tone for a seamless look.

To apply the wig with a wig grip, follow these steps:

Open the wig grip and wear it like a headband, securing the ends with the velcro tabs.

Start from the front and slide the wig onto your head, adjusting as needed.

Ensure a snug fit by examining for any gaps and shaking your head gently.

Style your wig to your preference.

Pros of wig grip:Wig grips offer gentle protection for your edges and are more comfortable than other installation methods.

The application is quick and makes wigs more comfortable to wear.

Cons of wig grip:Wig grips may lead to overheating.

it appears bulkier than alternative methods.

The lace may not adhere as closely to the skin as with adhesive application.

Combs Or Clips

Wig clip

Wig clips and combs are popular choices used to secure wigs without adhesives. Clips attach to the hair for a secure fit and can be sewn onto wigs. Combs are small attachments that slide into the hair or wig cap for extra security. Some wigs have built-in clips and combs for a traditional and gentle attachment method.

Pros of Wig Combs Or Clips: Wig clips and combs are affordable and widely available at drug and beauty stores.

They offer a secure hold without causing damage, making them ideal for beginners.

Their simple application and effectiveness ensure a secure hold until the wig is removed.

Cons Of Wig Combs Or Clips:Wig clips require natural hair for attachment and may not provide a tight grip on the wig.

They might potentially cause discomfort and scalp tension with prolonged use.

Elastic Band

Elastic band for wig

Elastic bands are common features in glueless wigs, ensuring a secure fit and a natural hairline. If your wig doesn't have one, sewing it on yourself is an option. Adjustable straps and elastic bands offer alternatives to adhesive, minimizing friction and allowing for a personalized, comfortable fit.

Pros Of Elastic Band: Using elastic bands for wig installation is beginner-friendly, adhesive-free, and gentle on your hairline.

It's sweatproof, preserving your edges without chemicals or adhesives, ensuring comfort and ease of wear.

Cons Of Elastic Band: Elastic bands may result in less flat lace and discomfort due to the snug fit.


Can I Use Eyelash Glue For My Wig?

It’s not recommended to use eyelash glue as it can leave a lot of residue on the wig. Eyelash glue can be irritative or thick, this may make the removal process more difficult and even damage the delicate lace. So it's important to use the proper product for wig application.

How To Choose The Right Alternatives For Wig Instead Of Wig Glue

Here are several tips to help you have a clear knowledge of finding a proper way quickly, read on as follows:

1)For Beginners: wig combs, wig clips, and elastic bands are simple to use.

2)For Easy Application And Removal: elastic band is very convenient and easy to remove. This is ideal for individuals tight on time.

3)For Maximum Holding Time And Natural Effect: Holding spray. Hairspray can keep your wig in place for several days and look undetectable.


Wig glue isn’t the only way to keep your wig in place, you can also consider different options like this article mentioned above, find one you want to try, and even combine it with other methods as you like. Try and explore these alternatives for a stunning wig-wearing experience.