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Does The Kardashians Wear Wigs

Over the years, The Kardashian sisters have changed their hairstyles ranging from long to short, and straight to curly. Additionally, they also experiment with different hair colors, such as blonde, jet black, etc., to showcase various looks and styles-and it's a far cry from their natural locks.


Wigs serve as powerful tools for celebrities to express their creativity since they allow adapt to the ever-changing demands of the entertainment and fashion industries. Like most celebs make a smart decision to cut their natural hair short so the Kardashian sisters can easily switch hairstyles for different occasions plus it’s healthier that way. 

we are so used to seeing people with extension hair wigs that we forget what normal hair looks like. the Kardashians real hair is short and all are so chic and lifts their features. Let us look at it.

Kylie Jenner

"I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night...I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow," Kylie Jenner told Marie Claire in 2016.

kylie hair

While she might have been extending the facts a little, Kylie, who is 24, proudly claims for introduced the Kardashians to hairpieces. the now-mom-of-two, while Kylie Jenner's equally long locks are a signature of hers -she does wear extensions.

Khloe Kardashian

khloes' hair

Khloe Kardashian is Kim’s sister, she revealed her naturally gorgeous short curls in 2021- which are different from her usual waist-length blonde extensions, and some fans reviewed it: ‘I’ve always loved Khloe’s hair it fits her so much better than the wigs.’ ‘I wish Khloe would wear her natural curly hair more. It really suits her!’

Khloé frequently surprises us with her hairstyles, Known for testing the "blondes have more fun" theory, she seamlessly transitions between bold blonde and softer brunette shades, always captivating her fans. With a constant array of diverse haircuts, she keeps her look fresh.

khloe kardasian wig

The mother of one has consistently embraced the blonde style, even delving into platinum hues, showcasing her versatility in hairstyling. Her choice of long straight wigs adds a glossy and elongated dimension, while occasional short wigs and varied curls bring further diversity to her appearance.

Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner wig

Kendall Jenner is a model within the Kardashian family,  the extensions appear somewhat strange in this picture. It's a part of the model's job to embrace a somewhat unconventional appearance at times. Typically, she opts for a shorter hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian 

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian has had her signature long, dark locks, occasionally turning them platinum, red, or even blue, since her rise to fame. Her hairstyle shifts between short and long, with her sleek bob at her natural length, being particularly iconic.

kim kardashian's natural hair

A surprising twist occurred during a 2020 vacation in the Dominican Republic when she flaunted short French-braided pigtails, initially thought to be her real hair. However, social media erupted with the revelation that it was a wig, showcasing Kim's ability to effortlessly switch styles with her professional glam team and ample resources for high-quality wigs.

Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney natual hair

Kourtney loves her extensions like her sisters, and Despite her current trendy bob, Kourtney's natural look was markedly distinct. In its natural state, her real natural hair is notably longer than her sisters'.

Final Words

The answer to the question of whether or not Kardashians wear wigs is Obvious ‘yes’, nobody can switch up their look by coloring every day for a pretty short time and risk permanent damage of natural hair.

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