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Difference Between Ombre And Highlight Hair Color

Colorfull hair usually give girls a fresh new look and a new mood, so more and more girls are chasing for the color full hair. If you want to go lighter but not necessarily full-on blonde, Ombre and highlights are the two most popular hair color to add some texture to the hair by lightening some strands. Depending on the end result you are looking for, one will be best suited than the others, so keep reading to learn everything about the differences between highlights and Ombre.

What are Highlights ?

Highlights are done with foil, which keeps the bleach or lightener heated and allow for much more intense lightening. The technique involves lighting the hair using bleach or a high lift tint, so they will damage your hair a bit and have the same maintenance issues. So you should take more efforts on caring the highlight color hair.

What About Ombre?


Ombre is more of a colouring technique and less of an overall lightning one. The ends are lightened so it looks like you are growing out your latest blonde or your hair got naturally sunkissed while you were on a sunny beach somewhere. Keep in mind that a difference between ombre and highlight is that your highlight is done all over your head, while ombre only damages the ends. 

It’s a graduated lightening, so your roots will stay dark while your hair gets lighter from the mid-shaft, which means no visible root regrowth and low, low, low maintenance. It can be as subtle or striking as you like, and can be done in other colours besides blonde. So it’s great if you want to change your hair, but you don’t want the commitment.

Whether you choose highlights or ombre, it’s important to follow up with a good maintenance plan so your hair recovers from any bleaching damage. Many hairdressers use products such as Olaplex, designed to prevent the bonds in the hair breaking. However you should also consider a shampoo and conditioner suitable for highlighted hair, and weekly treatments to ensure your hair remains in good shape.

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