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Difference Between U Part And V Part Wig, Which One To Choose?

U PART Wig VS v part wig

When it comes to the glueless wig, typically, U part wigs and V part wigs are popular as their convenience and great comfort, however, you may be confused about distinguishing them when choosing between the two types of partings: V Part And U Part Wig, To help you select the best one for you, we will talk about the differences these two wigs. Let’s go into it.


1. What’s U Part Wig

2. What’s The Advantage Of U Part Wig

3. Characteristic Of U Part Wig

4. What’s V Part Wig

5. What’s The Advantage Of V Part Wig

6. Characteristics Of V Part Wig

7. Difference Between U Part Wig And V Part Wig

8. Which One Should You Choose? U Part Wig VS V part Wig

What’s U Part Wig

u part wig real hair wig

A U-part wig is a type of wig with a U-shaped cut-out at the top, blending with some of your natural hair while offering a realistic and undetectable appearance. Unlike lace wigs, they require no glue and offer a balance between partial sew-ins and full lace wigs. The adjustable straps and clips ensure a secure fit.

What’s The Advantage Of U Part Wig

1. Natural Looking Hairline

glueless u part wig

One of the big benefits of U part wigs is that they give wearers an invisible and undetected look. Some natural hair is pulled to blend with the wig to make sure the real scalp is exposed, to create a more natural look.

2. Versatile Hairstyles

With U Part wigs, you can do the middle part, left part, and right part. What’s more, u part wig is made of 100% human hair, no matter what look you want, this wig allows you to achieve it as you can straighten, curl, perm, and bleach it as you like,

3. Ideal For Hot weather

The U part wig is designed with airy and soft wig cap material, which is very comfortable to wear, additionally, its u-shape cut structure makes it highly breathable day and night.

4. Safe Option

By eliminating the use of adhesive and glue, U part wig becomes a safe and healthy option. besides, U Part wig human hair can reduce tension on your scalp or edge due to the special U-shape cut.

Characteristic Of U Part Wig

Elastic &Breathable Wig Cap

Protective Style

No Glue Or Lace

Free Of Chemical Processing

Have adjustable straps and combs inside to help the wig a secure fit.

What’s V Part Wig


A V-part wig, also known as a modified half wig, features a V-shaped opening at the top while offering an incredibly natural hairline. Similar to U-part wigs, V-part wigs allow natural hair to pass through the opening, achieving a flawless blend. This wig eliminates the need for stocking caps or glues. It seamlessly matches hair roots, providing a genuine look without the hassle.  

What’s The Advantage Of V Part Wig

1. Natural Appearance

V part wig allows you to Show Your Real Scalp With Hair In Your Parting Area. Its seamless integration between the hair and wig looks like it sprouts from a real scalp. Nobody can notice you are wearing a wig.

2. Perfect For Thin Hair

v part wig  black color hair

V part wig not only adds glamour and beauty to your look, but it makes the dream of thick hair come true. So whether you have thin hair or are suffering hair loss, it can hide the hair problem and add volume and length to your hair.

3. Easy To Take On And Take Off

The glueless wigs are time-saving and easy to install and remove In a few minutes. If you are allergic or sensitive skin to glue, a v part wig is very perfect for you.

4. Affordable Price

V part wigs are Machine made with needless labor, so it is very affordable compared to lace wigs.

5. Flexible In Styling

Unlike U part wig, the V Part wig allows you to put it on with no leave out or only minimal leave out strands depending on your preference.

Characteristics Of V Part Wig

The Ability to Do Inonic hairstyles such as half-up half down

10O% Breathable Wig Cap

No Glue, No Leave-out, No Sew in

Secure And Comfortable Fit  

Difference Between U Part Wig And V Part Wig

It’s important to know the differences Between U part wig And V part wig to find the best choice.

1. Leave Out Space

As the name implies, U part wigs have a wider U shape opening, which means the space of U part wig opening size is larger than V part wigs, so you should leave more natural hair at the front or top of the head to cover up all traces. for the V part wig, you nearly do not need to leave hair for the opening.

2. The Connection Band

u part wig half wigs

Obviously, you can see that the u part wig has 1-2 bands at the top of wig, this requires you to cut the band before installment. In contrast, v part wig doesn’t have a band.

3. Clips And Combs

V Part Wig is a total of 5 Combs+clips which is more stable than u part wig. In contrast, U part wig has 4 combs and an adjustable strap that ensure comfortable and lightweight wig-wearing.

Which One Should You Choose? U Part Wig VS V part Wig

There are mainly 2 factors for consideration so you can make the right decision.

1. Breathability

U part wig is absolutely a good choice when you are looking forward to a more breathable wearing experience. Because the large U-shaped opening provides more air circulation with the U part wig.

2.Hair Volume

If you have a full volume of hair, you can choose either a U-part wig or V Part wig for the best result. While a v part wig is extraordinarily suitable for those who have thin hair as less hair to be exposed.


U part wigs and V part wigs are all made of pure human hair & good quality at Mshair store. And the price of both is affordable for most people, you can give yourself a try and then surprise yourself with whatever you choose.

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