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How To Get Glue Off Of Lace

Lace fronts or lace closure has stretchable sheer lace at the placement where the glue has been applied on the hairline. Which allows the wearer to have a natural-looking parting area throughout the wig. To make the life span of a lace wig last longer, it is considered to remove glue off of lace in a proper way. In this article, I'm coming to you with a quick and easy hack on how to remove your glue-down frontal or wig without using rubbing alcohol step by step.

remove glue from lace wig

Use Sanitizer To Remove Glue

Items needed:

Sanitizer-it's something that everyone probably has at home or you can buy simply from your local drugstore and that's a liquid sanitizer.

Washcloth/Wash rag- the assistant in removing glue from lace.

if you're interested in learning more about this keep reading.

Step 1: Squeeze some pumps of the sanitizer liquid to the hairline. the main ingredient is alcohol however because it's thick in it's like a gel-coated alcohol. just leave this here for about a minute.

Step 2: gently massaging it that it because it helps it separate from the lace as well. It's that simple it's off your head and as you can see.

Step 3: rub this with your finger to get any remaining glue residue on your head, then rub it with the dry washcloth.

Step 4: Turn your wig inside out, then Take a wash rag right and rub it across the hairline. You will see how the glue just lifts right.

Step 5: take a wash rag and fold it up and then I will wet it wring it out believe it is slightly damp and just Pat it along my hairline and let that sit for a minute. it is going to come off the lace just as easily as well.

Step 6: wash your wig. Finally, you should go on your regular washing and conditioning routine.

Final Thoughts:

We hope this article can help you, this method exactly allows the sanitizer to sit on your front after you apply it and it allows it to be removed a lot easier, welcome to try this method before removing glue from your lace wig, if you have any problem, just leave comments below and let me know!

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