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How To Bleach Knots On A Lace Front Wig

how to bleach knots on a lace front wig

Bleach the knots on the lace wig can create an invisible look that melts into your scalp. Also, lace wigs have little dark black dots tied along the lace to get the hair to stay on the lace closure or lace frontal. This can be unreal as the color of knots doesn’t match our natural skin color. To break the dilemma we will share step-by-step instructions to help you bleach the knots on lace wigs human hair. Reading on.


Learn The Knowledge About The Knots

Why Bleaching Knots On Your Lace Front Wigs

how to bleach the knots on a lace wig

What if You Over Bleach Knots On A Wig

Learn The Knowledge About The Bleach Knots

The Types Of knots are mainly divide into two: single knots and double knots.

Single Knots

Single knots are attached to the lace base with one strand of hair, which is placed around the hairline. This type of knots is more prone to bleach and mimics the natural growth of the hair than double knots.

single& double knots

Double Knots

Double knots are made with two or more hair strands, the features of double knots are more visible and less shedding. In contrast to single knots, it is too strong to bleach knots quickly.

Why Bleaching Knots On Your Lace Front Wigs

Bleached knots provide an ultra-natural appearance to create an illusion with the hair and scalp, additionally, remove the noticeable black knots so that anyone can’t tell you are wearing a wig by the naked eye.

Also, bleaching the knots can make the dots disappear permanently instead of using foundation or makeup to camouflage wig knots.

bleached lace vs unbleached lace

How To Bleach The Knots On A Lace Wig

All things you need:

Hair Bleach power and Developer

butter knife or a spoon 

Mixing Bowl


aluminum foil: makes the bleaching process faster by trapping heat

Gloves: Avoid burnt your skin

neutralizing shampoo, purple shampoo or conditioner

1. Prepare The Wig

You should prepare everything well before you bleach knots.

Firstly, gently spritz the water on the hair roots to wet the hair.

Comb the hair back to make hair stay away from the lace base, to prevent bleach flows through the roots of the hair.

Make sure the lace base is dry and not wet so the bleach can take color well.

Turn the lace front wig inside out and face up. So you can go through the bleaching process easily.

2. Blend The Mixture

For mixing bleach and developer, adhere to a 1:1 ratio, using one ounce of each, as per standard guidelines detailed on product packaging.

Blend the mixture of the bleach and the developer until appears the perfect consistency and creamy. when I scoop it up with this brush it's not falling off like water which means that it's not gonna seep through the lace easily and get on the actual hair and your hair is not going to turn blond.

Don’t forget to wear disposable gloves to avoid damaging skin while mixing bleach and developer.

3. Carefully Apply The Mixture On Lace Wig

Start smearing the bleach along the hairline of the lace, not scraping it with a heavy hand. Evenly applying the bleach all over the lace, and turning the lace around to make sure that I did bring the bleach forward enough to cover every single knot along the hairline.

4. Cover the Aluminum foilOn The Lace

Aluminum foil also is necessary. Gently Shape it to the shape of the lace after the bleach is applied. Then monitor the Knots’ Color From time to time every 5-10 minutes to watch the knots if are still noticeable. In general, You'll need to wait about 15-30 minutes to let the knots be bleached.

5. Rinse The Bleached Knots And Wash Your Wig

After achieving the desired color on your wig knots, thoroughly rinse to remove bleach out until no black dots remain on the lace. the correct way to tilt the wig, allowing the bleach to drain away without contacting the hair. Rinse for a few minutes to ensure complete removal.

Wash the wig immediately with a generous amount of neutralizing shampoo to halt further bleaching. Cover both hair and lace with shampoo, rinse well, reapply, and let it sit briefly before a final rinse.

Conditioning is crucial post-bleach to restore hair strength and moisture. Apply a moisturizing conditioner, leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Avoid blow drying; instead, gently squeeze out water with a towel and let the wig air dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

Pre bleached and pre-cut lace wig

What if You Over Bleach Knots On A Wig

Mistakes are always inevitable. You can consider adopting proper remedies to rectify the over-bleaching.

Plan A: Use Hair Dye To Hair Knots Color Back

Make sure you have tinting products that match your hair color, a bowl, an applicator, purple shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, and conditioner.

Neutralize brassiness with purple shampoo.

Mix a tint product with the developer as instructed and apply evenly to over-bleached knots to avoid staining lace. process for 20-30 minutes, Rinse after processing.

Then Use sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse and a deep conditioner for moisture.

Plan B: Use Makeup To Temporary Fix

use lash mascara to fix over-bleached wig

For example, apply mascara or foundation to the affected roots of hair, this way can fix the unnatural area to make it look natural hair again. Although this process is quite quick and fast, you should learn that you should apply the makeup again once you wash or rinse your hair.

However, at Mshair store, we have launched a new product-glueless lace wig, this is no-bleach needed. Especially when you don’t want to do a challenging bleach process. You can wear and go our glueless lace wigs straightforwardly.

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