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How To Pluck A Wig For Beginners

plucked lace front wig

Ladies want to achieve a realistic and seamless look for your wig and nobody likes the ‘’wiggy’’ look. How to make a wig look seamless, like forming the illusion that the hair just grows out of your own skin, plucking a wig is a useful technique to seem tailored to your hairline is a great way to create a natural-looking as much as possible. If you find wig plucking tricky, keep reading to break down how to pluck a wig.

Why Do You Pluck Wigs

plucked vs Non pluck wig

when referring to lace frontal wigs, everything is about the hairline. Wig plucking refers to the meticulous process of removing excess hair from the hairline and parting a wig using a pair of tweezers. The goal is to achieve a softer and more gradual transition between the wig's hair and the wearer's natural hairline by thinning out the hair in these areas.

How To Pluck A Wig For Beginners

Tools Kit:


Wig Stand or mannequin head


A Rat-tail Comb


Wig Brush

Step 01: Place The Wig On The Wig Head

pre-plucked bob front wig

Placing the wig on a stable wig stand or mannequin head. Ensure the wig sits securely. Use T-pins to secure the wig, placing 8 to 10 pins along the lace in front of the hairline and a few at the back to prevent any movement during the plucking process.

Step 02: Run The Comb Through The Front Of The Wig

comb wig to pluck wig

Smooth your hairline with a rat-tail comb, ensuring no knots. With your non-dominant hand, pull your hair back away from the hairline. Gently detangle the wig, starting at the ends and moving toward the roots to minimize potential damage.

Step 03: Gradually Begin To Pluck The Hairline

Use a rat tail comb to define your natural hairline shape, and use hair clips to section off the hair around the hairline. Hold tweezers with your dominant hand, plucking hair strands away from the face in quick strokes. Aim for every other hair to ensure even spacing, starting above the ear and moving to the middle. Avoid over-plucking and damaging the lace.

Keep the following guidelines in mind While plucking:

Ensure symmetry and follow your natural hairline shape. Pluck gently, close to the root, in small, random sections, avoiding a straight line for a natural appearance.

check progress periodically to avoid over-plucking.

Step 04: Continue With The Extra Layer Of Hair

Remember that plucking isn't limited to the first portion of the front hairline; the aim is an overall reduction in density. This step involves thinning out any bulkiness along the front, plucking in layers to maintain simplicity and achieve a refined look.

Then part thin sections from ear to ear, flipping each forward for sequential plucking. Repeat this process for about three to four layers, as per your preference. After plucking, comb out the excess hairs-you just have done alright.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Pluck A Wig

When To Pluck Your Wig?

If you are not satisfied with the dense, straight-across, and too far-forward hairline, and think it is fake for you, it is time to pluck the lace wig to turn the wig into your real hair.

Can You Pluck A Synthetic Wig?

Of Course, Synthetic wigs can be plucked. However, it's essential to note that synthetic wigs have limitations, such as the inability to withstand heat styling. Despite this, they do look somewhat less realistic, which wig type is best for you is totally up to you.

Whether Should You Bleach The Knots On Your Wig?

pre cut bleached closure wig

Bleaching the knots on your wig is a daunting task, but whether to do this work is entirely up to you.

you may notice numerous small black dots at the lace around your hairline. This can appear somewhat unnatural against your scalp, prompting some individuals to consider lightening the knots for a more skin-toned shade that harmonizes with your scalp color. However, excessive bleaching may harm your wig. Unless you're experienced in bleaching hair, I don’t advise you to try this step. Instead, you can opt (1) to seek assistance from a professional or (2) apply some foundation inside the lace to achieve a more natural and realistic hue.

Additional Tips About How To Pluck Wigs

It's important to perform the process of plucking carefully and gradually to avoid over-plucking, which could lead to an unnatural look.

I find that it's actually a lot easier to do it while the hair is dry so I feel like that helps me a lot more- it really allows you to see the true density of hair. Instead, you also can tweeze hair when hair is wet, it depends on your preference.



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