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How To Keep Deep Wave Hair Looking Wet

how to keep deep wave hair looking wet

Nowadays, more and more ladies wear deep wave human hair extensions due to the stunning appearance of wet waves. However, how to keep deep wave hair looking wet is a question. There are many reasons why to make your deep wave hair moist and wet, one of the staple reasons is to maintain it beautiful and lustrous.

If you would like to find some useful styling tips for getting wet and wavy hair, You’ve come to the right place. Pls reading on.

Definition Of Deep Wave Hair:

Long Curly Deep Wave Bundles

Deep wave hair is a popular style of virgin hair bundles or human hair wigs. It features a distinctive and defined curl pattern that looks like ‘S’ or ‘Z’ shape, which blends very well with natural hair. Also, It can hold curls for quite a long time along with different styling techniques.

What Is The Best Deep Wave Hair Type

Virgin human hair is the best quality and the most popular hair grade because this type of hair has never been processed, which means retains hair integrity, and protects the hair cuticle unspoiled while meeting your various styling needs such as perming, coloring, and making sure extended period.

Virgin Human Hair Deep Wave

Can You Wet Deep Wave Hair At Home

Of course, you can get wet deep wave hair looking at home, and don’t have to go to Salon. Whether you select synthetic deep wave hair, human hair, or mix of the two for your choice, it is key to learn the correct strategies to maintain.

Wave and curl texture especially can be frizzy or dull when they lack moisture. So it is crucial to take good care of deep wave hair to maintain its vitality.

How To Keep Deep Wave Hair Looking Wet?

To make the deep wave hair look wet and curly sounds like a challenge, we will unravel the Secret to achieve chic and glossy waves. Here is a step-by-step guide to the following:

1. Begin With Wetting Your Deep Wave Hair

To start with wet your waves with water so that they can appear in a curl pattern. You can wash/condition hair or dip hair into the sink of water to complete this process.

2. Apply Moisturizing Product To Hair

Divide the wet hair into 4-6 parts. Apply moisturizer(gel or conditioner) thoroughly to each section covered with it. After this, you need to use hair oil on every part.

3. Use Wide-Tooth Comb Or Fingers To Comb Deep Wave Hair

Then use wide-tooth comb or finger to brush each portion from the root to the ends, moreover, this can make the hair smooth and tangle-free. You need to ensure the deep wave hair is dripping wet but not just damp.

4. Air Dry Your Wave Hair Wig

Make sure enough time to let it air dry completely on a wig stand without touching it, frequently touching will cause the deformation of style and make your hair look less defined.

Proper Products To Use On Deep Wave Hair To Make Look Wet

Many women are concerned about what products help deep wave look wet, some recommendations for specialized curl products are listed in the following:

Light-weight oil: apply a few amounts of lightweight oil can nourish and hydrate your waves to look bouncy and healthy, For fine hair, it is important to use lightweight oils that won't weigh down the hair. 

Curl enhancers cream: this water-based product is great for styling and defining your wave pattern while providing frizz protection. Remember to apply the product evenly and scrunch your hair to achieve deep wave hair wet look.

hair mousse

Hair Mousse: Using the hair mousse to your hair make a difference. Apply the right amount to your hair can help strands bouncier and make a deep wave hair wet hairstyle, it is designed for tame fly hair and tame unruly curls very well.

Maintenance Tips On Deep Wave Hair

Avoid over-heating:

Minimize heat exposure and choose air-drying hair to preserve curls and prevent frizz. Restrict the use of blow dryers and curlers to avoid hair drying and damage. always use protectant spray when you are ready to use heat tools can help reduce hurt to the curls.

Protect the wave hair for Enhanced Life:

When the hair is not in use, place it in a silk bag or on a mannequin's head to prevent tangling. moreover, you can wrap your deep wave frontal wig with a satin scarf or bonnet at night to minimize friction and prolong the longevity of your hairstyle.


Since deep wave hair is made of healthy and pure human hair, it is necessary to treat it like your own hair. Following the content in this guide helps you get deep wave hair wet look.

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