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How To Make Hair More Curly?

Different people has different hair texture and type,therefore our hair holds on to curls differently. While we can not change the curl pattern of your hair, we can definitely manipulate it.

If you have naturally straight hair there are different methods.

1. After you wash your hair, take some curling gel or some type of curling hair styler (like a beach spray or something like that) and press that into your hair upside down. Scrunch it while distributing the product. You can blow dry it using those hair curler blow drying things.

2. You can do it the easy way and just put your hair in a somewhat tight braid and wrap it, in the morning you will have curly hair/ waves

3. Scrunch your hair while it is wet, right after you style them for 5 to 7 minutes to increase the curl definition making your hair look like it has tighter curls.

- Plop your hair for getting additional curl definition.

- I use Plop-T to air dry my hair without heat. It makes sure that the definition improves. It’s light weight and dries quickly. You can also use an old cotton tee instead.

- Lay the plop-T on a bed or a table, flip your freshly styled, wet hair and plop you hair. Wear for 5-25 minutes. I wear it for 20 minutes.

- Additionally while you scrunch of the crunch of your hair after it is 100% dry, make sure that you scrunch and pump your hair.

- Making sure that your hair has good amount of protein and moisture balance is also very important. This results in healthy hair.

- Use a good amount of curl activating cream & gel.

If you want more details, feel free to leave us your comment.

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