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How To Make Lace Front Wig Hairline Look Natural

Popping Lace Front Wigs are always completely ’hairline’ at the front of the head, It seems that a lace front wig is more likely to give a natural appearance. Everyone wants to melt up lace frontal with an undetectable look, Just you are doing how to make a lace frontal wig hairline look natural.

Here, It may be a good idea to try the following tips in 7 ways, so anyone can’t easily realize you are wearing a lace front wig.

Natural lace front wig

7 Hacks to Make Frontal Wig Look Natural

Choose A Suitable Size Wig

Specific numeric results for wig size should be measured before you buy a lace front wig. Selecting a fit size for the wig is the best idea, on the one hand, it could make us comfortable to wear, on the other hand, it appears a natural and fabulous look. Different Sizes range from small to medium to large. If your circumstance size premier the head is about 22.5 inches, definitely choose the average wig size. If you have another size, free to contact us, and we will custom the right wig to your head.

wig cap size chart

Make Sure Lace Color Match With Skin

Lace colors are sorted A couple of types between HD lace and regular lace, HD lace is made of soft and exquisite Swiss lace or French lace, instead of regular lace base is made from a rough material, HD lace versatile than regular lace, HD lace is more invisible natural-looking and match all color of the skin whereas regular lace is typically suiting dark skin. Whatever you choose Can they suit you best depend on the following indicators:

Maintenance: Regular lace needs maintenance and lasts longer time with proper care, HD lace is fragile and thin, so more careful to keep your HD lace wig.

Price: HD lace is a higher-price investment, if you have a tight budget, a regular lace wig may be the better to go.

Pick One Correct Hair Piece Texture And Style

Choosing A Style and texture that exactly suits you makes the wig look natural. You should research the different styles of hairstyles that suit your face shape and skin tone before purchasing a wig. Finally, the great wig style you choose is completely up to you.

Pluck The Hairline

You don't want to have it looking too thick at the hairline because no one has a full thick hairline. Try to customize baby hair off your hairline, Tweezers can sort of grab a bigger chunker of the hair to get out at one point. Next, tweeze the hairline a little bit more to kind of thin it out and Make sure you are not pulling out your hair, then your hairline looks like real hair.

Bleached Knots

Sometimes you should bleach the hair when you find black knots on the hairline, to hide these knots, and lightening hair by bleaching technique will make the unit look more real.

Flat Your Braid Pattern

The Basic process is considered to flat your hair, braid all of your natural hair, and prevent hair exposure in certain areas, It is important to lay your hair flat, so your hairline appears natural when you put on the wig.

Blend And Style Hair

Personalize the lace front wig to my face until enough for a personal level of satisfaction. Part your wig naturally in determining to Final look, Part your wig as you want it to be, pluck where you want to part your hair along the direction from the hairline to the end of the part and prevent a wide part, and create a realistic scalp illusion.

Another way to make your lace frontal wig look natural is to add make-up foundation or concealer to the part and hairline by taking a brush directly to color on the lace until it is like your real skin.

ombre colorful wig

Extra Tips:

Rooted wig is also called a familiar name as ombre wig. If you want to try a colored wig, the ombre colorful wigs look natural and transition from regular black hair color into another color. more natural than sheer green, red, or pink color.

The above tips are mentioned all about what you need to do to make it look real, Mshair is devoted to bringing beauty and nature to you. we provide free customization services with high-quality human hair wigs. Including Pre-plucked hairline, bleached knots, and pre-cut lace. In a word, Mshair’s got to help you feel confident.

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