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How To Wash A Human Hair Lace Front Wig

When it comes to human hair lace front wig, it is more delicate and resilient than synthetic wig, so you need to take care of them cautiously. You need to wash the lace frontal wig when it gets dirty. We list step-by-step care tutorials to introduce how to clean your wig.

 Human Hair Lace Front Wig

How To Wash A Human Hair Wig Step-by-Step

Step 1: Prepping Before Washing

First, it is important to collect all the things you will need: a Towel, Sink or clean basin, Wide-tooth comb, Styrofoam wig head, Shampoo, mild conditioner.

Brush the wig- Gently comb the wig Make sure all tangles are removed from end to top gradually through any tangles, Be careful, and don’t pull hair rudely in case destroys the lace front wig.

remove glue residue-Clean lace can’t ignored before washing hair. Use a wig glue remover to remove off glue remains from the lace frontal. As the same as detangling knots peel off glue gently to prevent ruining the lace.

Step 2:Shampoo

Neither use hot nor cold water, I highly recommend using warm water(about 77-86°F) to wash your human hair lace front wig.

Pour the proper amount of hair shampoo into the water, and stir the water until the shampoo completely dissolves.

Get the wig into the water and gently press the wig with your hands to soak it for 5 minutes.


Running Lukewarm water is needed to wash the wig until the shampoo is cleaned out. Use your finger to comb hair while Rinsing, and ensure all products are gone.

Step4:Condition You Wig

Apply a little moisture leave-in conditioner onto the hair, Stay conditioned for some time to moisturize all the hair. Hold and rinse the wig until the conditioner rinse all out.

Take care to avoid the front of the lace and don’t apply conditioner to them in case of losing knots.


Use a clean towel that absorbs water gently on the wig, and put a lace front wig on the wig stand to dry your hair. Don’t twist, shake, or scrub hair because hair frizzed.   

Be sure to dry the wig quickly, It is also feasible to cool setting blow dryer, Remember that plenty of heat damages hair fiber fragile, so never turn the blow dryer to a high temperature.

How Often Do You Wash The Wig?

Ensure you don’t wash the wig every day or it could lead to hair split up even less realistic. For this reason, only wash your wig around every half of a month or every 1-2 weeks. Remember that by washing more, the short life of your wig is oblong. So don’t co-wash it.

Some Useful Tips About Washing Hair Wig

Buy Free Sulfates condition products that are specially designed for human hair wigs. Moreover, it can protect hair healthy and keep your look better.

Please don’t wash your wig every day Wash your wig frequently maybe lose the natural oil of the scalp, and gently wash it.

When washing your hair, pay attention to the hairline and the front of the lace where dirty and oil.


Washing a human hair wig is not impractical, and it is crucial to its luster look and lifetime. By following this guide, you can make sure your wig is fresh, clean, and beautiful. Regular maintenance keeps a good condition and enhances your eternal confidence and style.

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