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How To Stop Wig From Shedding

It’s frustrating that you find your hair system is shedding. you will consider the bald spot won’t be far behind. Shedding Is a normal part of a new or aging hair system, so don't get alarmed if you have a couple of strands that are shedding very normally. but you should notice the issue when the hair is shedding more than usual. Now I will explain why your wig is shedding more than expected and how to effectively prevent the wig from shedding.

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Why Is My Hair System Shedding?

There are some common reasons why your wig sheds more.

Comb Hair When It’s Wet-wet wigs are fragile as hair fibers are filled with water molecules and expand, this makes pulling out the hair easier and ultimately causes more shedding. Remember that comb your wig when the hair is completely dry.

Bleached Knots- Unfortunately, Over bleaching the knots are vulnerable to loosen the knots and you may experience some hair shedding. 

Physical force- Like brush roughly, scratch, and pull or tug your hair. In a word, the more you handle roughly the more shedding you may suffer.

Apply the improper products to the wig- some are oily and greasy products not only weigh down the hair but weaken the bonds leading to the hair shedding. some other harsh products may contain alcohol content which can cause hair breakage and shedding over time.

Nighttime Sleep Without Protection- Cotton sheet friction causes tangling and shedding, so don’t sleep in your wig just make life easier.

Poor Quality Of The Wig- If none of the above conditions are suitable for your case, then a poorly constructed wig may be the reason for the hair shedding. Poor hair material will shed more than High-Quality hair wigs after processing. So consisting on choosing a good quality wig has less shedding to some extent.

How To Stop Wig From Shedding?

There are different methods that you can do to prevent your wig from shedding.

Wear A Satin Scarf/Bonnet At Bedtime

The friction can be produced by rubbing against the pillow and tossing and turning it at night. This can cause hair shedding and you will notice hair strands left on the pillow in next morning.

If you have long hair, braid your wig gently and use an ‘ouchless’ hair tie to prevent the braids from unraveling. While you are sleeping in your wig, use a satin/silk bonnet to protect hair or a head scarf to protect edges and glue.

Use A Fray Check

Fray Check is an adhesive that helps to reinforce the wefts so that they are secure in place. you can take a micro makeup square, apply a little bit of Fray Check, then dab it on the lace you can also put it on the ends of the weft.

If your wig is wefted, Fray check is a popular choice to prevent tangling and shedding. 

Brush Your Wig Every Day

Another thing you can do to stop your wig from shedding is to detangle it regularly. Make sure you are combing and brushing the wig properly, starting from the ends to the top and working your way up. Get a wide tooth comb for a better untangling process. Additionally, be cautious about the hair near the knots to avoid being pulled from the knot.

Avoid Excessive Heat

When pertains to hair heat styling less is more. Minimizing the excessive heat touch can extend the lifespan of the human hair wig. This is because heat can break hair fiber and cause the wig hair to shed, so it’s a good choice to blow dry hair on a low setting, meanwhile, reduce the use frequency of curling iron and flat iron.

Clean Your Wig

Regularly, wash your wig at least every other week to remove the oil and build-up from the wig, which can lead to tangling and ultimately shedding.

If you have a human hair wig, the recommendation is always to use shampoo and conditioner that is formulated especially for human hair wigs and can absorb any extra oils or dirt debris that is left in your hair.

Avoid Putting Conditioner On The Lace When Washing Your Wig

Wig conditioner is meant for the hair, not for the hair roots of your wig. when you apply too much conditioner on your hair base, you create build-up right at the same time you loosen the knots on the wig, therefore you might experience a little more shedding. It’s important to properly wash the wig to remove buildup in case causing damages the integrity of the knots.

Use Greasy Or Oily Product Sparingly

Avoid Applying heavy oily greasy products to your wig it creates a residue that coats the hair, which will cause the hair to tangle. this means add extra work to detangle your wig, the more tangles, the more possibility of shedding.

Try hairspray or knot sealer

Knot sealer is designed to seal knots effectively reduce hair shedding, and maintain wig volume. To knot seal the lace frontal or closure of your wig, a prime area prone to shedding. Here's a simple guide:

Flip your wig inside out onto a mannequin head, ensuring dryness.

Acquire wig knot sealer or opt for got2b glued spray.

Apply two coats of spray in circular motions, saturating the lace without excess dripping.

Allow the wig to air-dry for at least thirty minutes or blow-dry if pressed for time.

Before wear and post-wash, re-seal knots for optimal results.

Stop Scratching Your Wig

stratch hair scalp

Rubbing or scratching your scalp can contribute to hair shedding and loosening the knot because it creates friction. If the itching persists, Tapping or patting your head with your hand can get relief from the itch. When this way doesn’t work, you should inspect the scalp’s health. you should take your wig off and apply some tea tree oil or moisturizing products to your natural hair can reduce the dry and itchy scalp condition, you may also need to wash your real hair by using anti-itch shampoo. 

Simple Style Manipulation

straight hair wig

The more you manipulate your wig the more shedding or the more thinning you're going to experience with your wig. It is suggested if you have a curly wig keep that wig curly, then invest in a straight wig if you want to make hair straight. just rotate them or invest in a look that you like that can help you keep the longevity of your wig and also prevent shedding.


You need to know that every single wig has a life expectancy of around several months or above 1 year. Changing a new wig is necessary when the hairpiece is shedding excessively. You also can take some measurements to stop hair shedding through the above tips and tricks, you can maintain a longer longevity for your wig.




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