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How To Take Off A Lace Front Wig

As we all know, If you take off your lace front lace wigs haphazardly, it may ruin your skin and hair unit, and rip the lace edge. However, learning how to remove the lace front wig is crucial to preserving hair health. Now we will share some Safe, simple approaches about ‘how to take off a lace front wig properly’.

First, I summarize a Brief description in 8 parts on how to remove a wig so you learn the guide. 

1. Reveal the front of the hairline

2. Remove the glue on your lace frontal

3. Peel Off The Lace Front Wigs

4. Take Off A Lace Front Wig From Your Head

5. Detach And Throw The Wig Cap

6. Clean The Excess Glue On Skin And Wig

7. Wash Wig

8. Dry And Store A Wig

Lace front wig beautiful hairline

Next, Some Instruments or tools should be provided for taking off the lace front wig:

  1. rubber band
  2. solvent
  3. rat-tail comb
  4. Wig Head
  5. Shampoo And Conditioner

Do You Want to know more information about how to take off a wig? Keep Reading on and looking up more tips at the below.

How To Take Off Lace Front Wig Step-by-step

Step One: Tie Your Hair Before The Lace Frontal Wig Removal

To prevent unwanted pain and ruining of the hair fibers, Pull all your hair back from the head and give you a clear vision so you can deal with the removal process more easily and safely.

For long hair, you can tie the human wig into a ponytail to reveal the hairline.

For short hair, Use a bobby pin to secure the wig at the crown away from the face and ensure that no solvent contact with the hair wig.

Step Two: Apply Solvent To Remove The Glue And Adhesive on Front Lace Wig

There are many ways to detach lace front glue on the hairline, just choose a desirable adhesive remover to dissipate any glue, such as acetone and rubbing alcohol, etc.

Scribble the remover solution on the edge of the lace with a damp sponge or soaked towel to weaken the glue used to stick the wig. saturate the lace portion of the area where the glue has been applied-this includes the lace at the front of your head.

If there is remaining glue or adhesive, Repeat this step until the wig glue has been completely removed.

Note: This is a solvent that contains a Chemical material named iso-acetone. We suggest Pregnant women avoid using it as a choking smell and damage to the skin.

Step Three: Gently Peel The Lace Off The Lace Front Wigs

peel off lace wig

It is an important step of the whole removal process to peel the lace off your wig, first, check whether the lace is starting to lift by taunting the front portion of the wig. If not, apply more solvent and sit it along the hairline for a few minutes.

taking a rat-tail comb slide underneath the lace gently lift the unit off the head and Remove the lace from front to back until all lace is peeled off.

Step Four: Take Off Your Lace Frontal From Your Scalp

After the lace is peeled off, it is time to take off your lace frontal from the scalp.

how to remove wig glue from your skin?


Remove the wig gently part by part Which will help prevent delicate lace from tearing, this is time-consuming work so take your time and start patiently since you won’t rip off the edge.

Undo the clips and adjustable straps and take the wig off your head.

Step Five: Remove The Wig Cap

Take off your wig cap carefully and discard it. Because you can’t use a wig cap the second time, it is cheap and available from any salon or online store.

Step Six: Clean The Remaining Glue On Your Skin And Lace Front Wig

Before washing the lace front of the wig, you may continue removing excess glue residue from your hair, clean your skin and wig with soap and water before reinstalling the wig, and Rub glue residue with your hands to loosen the glue. After all, a Clean scalp and healthy skin will preserve the wig longer lifetime.

Step Seven: Wash Your Wig

Last but not least, Wash your wig after dissolving the glue to ensure that no leftover residue gets trapped in the lace, apply shampoo and conditioner to your lace wig human hair while the hair is wet, then rinse your hair under running water.

Step Eight: Store Your Wig Properly

Once dry thoroughly your lace front wig, time to brush the wig by using a special wide-tooth comb designed for human hair. You can store a lace front on a wig stand or put it into a plastic bag.

Body wave lace front wig

Detailed Instructions You Need To Pay Attention To

Carry Out A Skin Test

We should apply adhesive release or solvent sparingly on your skin before using them.

It is best to test on the side of your wrist with a small amount of solvent or adhesive for 1-2 days. Check and observe whether an allergic reaction happens, if you find it feels uncomfortable, wash off the solvent immediately, if not, you can glue remover on your lace seam.

Remove The Human Hair Wig From The Back To The Front

If you don’t wanna risk your hair being pulled or any pain on your scalp, I recommend you remove the lace front wig human hair from the back to the front.

Follow our eight protocols on how to take off the lace front wig when you are planning to remove the unit, It won’t cause pain or hurt to you if you do the removal patiently and correctly. In the end, maintain your lace wig so you can get a lovely lace front wig.

Frequent-Asked Questions About How To Take Off Lace Front Wig:

Q:How do you how to remove wig cap with glue?

A: I used 99% rubbing alcohol and a stipple brush. I would dab the brush in alcohol and then dab it on the cap, or lace, it takes a little work. But honestly wig caps aren’t that expensive so good for you to recycle. There are glue removal solutions you can purchase but after working with them in a theatre setting those solutions degrade the lace, or caps in your case. From quora

Q: How do I remove the glue from the lace front wigs?

A: You can use a conditioner as a softener to remove the glue-tight front lace from your scalp and spread it all over the lace part to remove the glue residue. Not only is this the cheapest option, but you can also keep your natural hair healthy. From quora

Q: Tips on how to clean glue off of lace hair line?

A: It’s kind of a pain but what I do is spray adhesive remover from the top with the unit still on in order to loosen its grip on the lace. Let that sit for 5 minutes or so. Take the system off and use dry cotton balls to rub the glue off. The cotton will ball up with eh adhesive as it comes off and reduce the stickiness of it. It’s not easy and takes a little time. From Reddit

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