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How To Clean A Lace Front Wig

As we all know, taking care of your wig will help to prolong the lifetime of a wig, Cleaning a 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wig is an important part of maintenance suggestions to follow. So some steps should be taken on how to clean lace front wig


lace frontal wig

1. Remove your lace front wig from back to front

2. Remove The Lace Glue Off the Wig

3. Detangle Tangles Using Finger

4. Shampoo And Condition Your Wig

5. Dry Thoroughly

6. Store The Lace Frontal Properly

These steps help you transform your from old to new for your lace wig, Scroll on to learn more knowledge on cleaning and re-freshing your frontal wig at the below.

How To Clean A Lace Frontal

Do you know how to help your hairpiece be Fresh and bouncy again? We will share techniques and knowledge on How to clean lace front wig human hair in detail. By trying these methods to make your wig Soft and beautiful Look like the first time you take it from the box.

Products needed:

1. Solvent (Isopropyl alcohol or oil-based remover)  

2. Canvas Block

3. shampoo

4. Towel

5. A soft wide toothbrush

6. Gentle shampoo and conditioner

7. Hand soap

8. Cotton Balls

9. Hair tie or Bobby Pins

Simple steps to clean your lace front wigs at below.

Remove your lace front wig.

Use cotton balls coated with alcohol and solvent at the hairline, wait a period, and saturate completely until the lace releases from your scalp, Don’t lift directly from the lace area, you should know that remove your lace frontal from the back to front which avoids damaging hair follicles.

Suggestion: Try to use a bobby pin or hair ties to make your vision clear, in this way, you can prevent the glue from going everywhere.

Remove The Lace glue from the wig.

It is key to pay attention to how to clean lace on wig and how to clean build up on lace front wig cautiously, and it is recommended to remove adhesive residue from the lace before cleaning the lace frontal wig. What you should learn is that Solvent creates a solution to dissolving glue, It is useful to remove the tape or glue bond and after soaking it may be possible to peel off the adhesive.

If there is still a little glue inside your wig. Gently brush the underneath of the lace with a toothbrush and soap to remove any residue or debris.

Notice: If you are sensitive to alcohol, another substitute proposal is an oil-based adhesive remover you can use. Make sure you have passed the skin test and won’t get hurt from your scalp.

Step-by-step clean build up on lace front wig

Step 1: use some hot /warm water and just wet those areas in which you have the most buildup, take the toothbrush that I use to lay my edges and some shampoo.

Step 2:because it actually gets foamy but as you can see I'm just going ahead and using my brush to scrub and clean lace wig, you can definitely be a bit more gentle with how you were scrubbing and the edges of your lace.

Step 3: go back in with the hot water and just rinse off the excess build up, some times you should go back and scrub extra places where you get some excess buildup.

Tips: Just getting rid of those little pieces of gel or spray that might have built up on the hairline that would stop the wave from laying completely flat you know seamlessly on our head.

Detangle all the tangles.

Just get any tangles off gently in your wig with your fingers or wide-tooth comb before cleaning lace front wig, don’t drag or pull rudely in case of results in hair loss.

Wash and condition your lace frontal.

It’s essential to use the shampoo to neutralize alkaline and acid balance. Submerge your wig into the sink with Luck-warm water liberally and apply the shampoo or wig cleaner to sit it for up to 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly.

Tips: Remember that condition your hair.

Warning: Please be careful to handling your lace wig to prevent damage because lace is refined and fragile. starting at your ends and working up toward roots.

Dry Hair.

Start with a clean towel to roll it and pull the hairpiece into shape, then this is time to air dry completely refers to Have Hair to Dry Naturally. Do not expose to sun or dry by hair dryer.

Store The Lace Front Wigs:

To keep its style and shape, place the hairpiece on a canvas head for storing wigs when not in use. In this case, if your canvas is not suitable(too small or too large) it can cause the foundation to stretch so you can make sure a wig head that is the right size.


These steps Aim to help your lace front wig look super stunning, A clean lace front wig needs numerous requirements on time and patience, it is best to go on this task with enough time so that you can bring your lace wig back to life.

FAQ For Lace Front Wigs

Q1: How often do You Need To Clean a Wig Or Hairpiece

It's important to clean your hairpiece regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and oils. Depending on how often you wear it, you should aim to clean your hairpiece every 1-2 weeks.

Q2:Should you brush your hair when it’s wet or dry?

Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is fragile and needs to be treated gently. It also depends on what kind of hairbrush you’re using. Wait until your hair is dry before you brush it.

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