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1 Color vs 1b Color vs 2 Color, What Is The Difference?

The intricate hair color spectrum may make it difficult for you when choosing them, especially similar basic black colors such as #1,1B, and 2 colors, and they seem alike in appearance. In this article, we would like to explore the differences between #1, 1B, and #2 so finding the beautiful and right look of black hair extensions or wigs!

What Is #1 Hair Color?

1 Jet Black Hair Color

#1 hair color also named ‘jet black’ color, is the deepest and darkest color you can find in the market. It doesn’t include any impurity color like brown or red color, then prone to create a dramatic dark effect that can be unnatural. And it is easy to tell that it is treated and dyed process. They’re very suitable for those who have cutting-edge and fashion aesthetics.

What Is 1b Hair Color?

1B Hair Color

I B hair color another named black-off color, is a softer black tinge while providing a subtle transition to the natural hair color. 1b color is your prime choice for a natural and timeless look. It won’t fade as no chemical dyeing process, Never goes wrong option and realistic look.

What Is 2 Hair Color?

#2 hair color

2 hair color is dark brown (with neutral warmth) hair color. It’s the darkest shade of the brown family but a lighter color than black. It looks like a black color from a distance, but you can observe a slight brown hue with a keen eye in the sun.

What’s The Difference Between 1 Jet Black Color And 1B Color?

#1vs #1b hair color

# 1 color also known as jet black color, is dyed uniformly to create a consistent tone. But 1 b hair is Original unprocessed 100% virgin human hair strands which is healthy and durable.  

1b hair has a lighter color than 1 jet black color, also flatter all skin tones with natural quality.

1 hair color has cool undertones while 1b hair color has warm brown hue undertones.

What’s The Difference Between 1b Hair Color And 2 Hair Color?

#1b vs #2 color

People usually get confused when differentiating 1 b and 2 hair colors as they nearly look identical.

1 b is darker than 2 hair color. Because 1b(natural black color) comes in the second darkest black hair shade and #2 comes out dark brown. However, this may not be noticeable right away.

2 hair color is the case with 1 color, both experience dyed treatment and appear even color distribution. That's why the color variations are common with 1b color, but 2 hair color is not.

How To Choose The Correct Color For You? #1 VS 1B VS #2 Hair Color

You should make sure the hair color is suitable for you, or you will look unnatural or unattractive. The following are critical factors you should pay attention to assist you in making the right decision.

Individual features

Like Skin undertone, Brow color natural hair color so on, things you should make a consideration.

What you should know your skin’s undertone is significant in determining the correct hair color. 1b and 2 hair colors can work well with any skin tone, While cool or fair skin undertones suit well with 1 hair color. If you have medium to dark skin, choose 1b color, when you have a lighter undertone,#2 is a good option.

You can refer according to your brow color and natural hair, if your eyebrow is a natural black color, it’s best to choose 1b to make the overall look natural. Otherwise, if you choose the #1 jet-black hair color, you will look abrupt and unnatural due to the intense contrast between your eyebrows and your hair.

Rely On Whether You Determine To Leave-out

1B Black Hair Color Wig

When it comes to wearing hair extensions or wigs with Leave-out, and you would like to make a leave-out hairstyle by using a u-part wig or a v-part wig, choose a hair color to match your natural hair. Such 1b hair color, this hair color gives the shade close to your natural hair and makes the appearance look better.

Preferred Style

Transparent closure wig human hair body wave

1 hair color gives a kind of nostalgic style back to the 80s. if you like trying bold and vintage looks,#1 hair color is your option. 

1 b hair color is a safe option due to it gives the most natural illusion. Also, it blends very well with African American women’s natural-born hair. Additionally, some black women’s hair reflects a brown hue in the outside sun, then 2 hair color is great.

Maintenance Matters

1 Hair Color demands high maintenance to preserve its vibrancy, while 1B and 2 Hair Color offer harmony with decent longevity and a natural look. As earlier mentioned, 1b hair color is the mostly low-maintenance type than the other colors; it boasts inherent shine and smoothness with minimal frizz.

How To Care For 1B Hair Color?

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity of hair. To care for 1b color hair, simple care routines are sufficient: infrequent washing, conditioner for softness and shine, and regular brushing to prevent tangles.