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What Does The Density Of A Wig Mean

Wigs have become a versatile accessory for individuals looking to change their hairstyle without committing to a permanent change. When shopping for wigs, you may come across the terms "density" "length" human synthetic hair" baby hairs" etc. Today, Typically In terms of wig density, we would teach you a complete understanding of wig density to achieve a natural and seamless look.

What Is Wig Density?

Wig density is the amount of hair that is attached to the wig cap to create a different look and feel, And wig density is represented as a form of percentage that expresses the overall fullness and thickness of the wig. In other words, the higher the density of a wig, the thicker and fuller the unit will look, or Vice versa.

wig density at the hairline

However, thickness and density refer to different conceptions, Hair thickness refers to the thickness of the individual hair strands in a wig- meaning you can have low-thickness strands of hair but also have high-density wig, because you can use more hair strands to make a high-density unit.

Note: the number of hair strands per square inch may vary based on the specifications provided by the wig manufacturer or seller. So, slight fluctuate in hair density are reasonable when observing one hair density type.

How To Classify Wig Density?

hair density chart

The regular density types are divided as the following list:

Light: 60%

This is a natural and airy hairstyle and perfect for people whose natural hair is thin in density.

Light to medium: 80%-130%

This wig density is Versatile and subtle and offers more scope than light-density hair.

Medium: 130%

This is suitable for daily wear that is close to natural hair density making it become a popular option.


If you want to show a Luxuriously voluminous look, this range of hair density is great for you.

Heavy: above 160%

more voluminous than medium density, Bold, full-bodied richness for a glamorous and striking appearance.

Why Does Hair Density Matter For You

Wig density matters a lot about enhancing your overall appearance. If you don’t select a correct hair density-people may detect that you are wearing a wig. The right wig density will make sure you feel comfortable on your head and protect your natural hair.

Given the above mentioned, here are 4 factors that you should think about before buying a human hair wig.

Haircare: you need more tender loving care for maintaining heavy-density human hairs, there is no doubt adding work on brushing and cleaning them. However, light or low-density hair only need a basic daily care routine and light haircare product to keep hair clean and fresh.

Price: Higher density wigs are more expensive compared to low-density wigs, and some people like to wear affordable wigs, thus they often purchase a light-density wig for lightweight wear.

Styling options: The thickness of the hair can provide a robust and textured look, contributing to various styling options.

Ultimate look: If you are an African American woman and have thick and coarse natural hair, you may prefer to choose a medium density(not too thick or thin) when finding a wig as it will give you the perfect look that resembles your biological hair.

What’s The Best Density For A Wig

When selecting the ideal wig density, consider factors such as your face shape, personal style, and the look you want to achieve. Here are several things to consider when you want to decide what hair density suits you best.

Hairstyle: it boils down to hair length, straight hair-curly texture, up-do, or low ponytail. For instance, if you are looking forward to long straight hair, which requires a higher density to look full.

lifestyle: Would like to go Outdoor/Active Lifestyle? Light density Provides breathability and a lightweight feel, ideal for active pursuits. For Special Occasions/Events? Consider medium-heavy to heavy-density that offers a glamorous and striking appearance.

Your natural hair: Make sure the wig density is consistent with natural hair and mimics natural hair growth patterns. Uncertain about your natural hair density? Gently smooth your hair and secure it in a ponytail. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around the ponytail. If the measurement is under 3 inches, your hair has a lighter density; if it exceeds 3 inches, it indicates denser hair.

Your face shape: Considering Face shape is also important to create a seamless look. With smaller face shapes may opt for lighter densities to avoid overwhelming their features, A medium-heavy density wig is often a safe choice for individuals with larger faces. It provides a harmonious balanced and natural look with a symmetrical look.

voluminous wig

Personal style: People who appreciate glamorous and extravagant styles may lean towards heavy-density wigs for a luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

Wig cap construction: Different wig companies could adopt different cap construction as a base to make wigs that impact the wig's density. Here are three main caps features, materials, and their density levels.

Lace Front Cap

The density at the front of a lace front wig is typically lighter and more gradual. This mimics the natural density of hair growth along the forehead.

Monofilament Cap

The density is evenly distributed across the top, ensuring a natural look with a light-medium density.

Weft Cap

This provides a consistent thickness and volume and has a medium density.

What Does Density Mean When Buying A Mshair Wig?

Human Hair Wigs are available in 150%, and 180%, 210%,250% at Mshair Store, next, I will take turns to introduce them.

What Does 150% Density Mean?

The 150% density wig offers a fuller and more voluminous appearance than medium-density wigs, providing a glamorous and bouncy look. It's a preferred choice for those desiring a daily glam look, with thickness in all the right places. Lightweight and healthy, this wig mirrors natural hair density, ensuring a realistic and appealing appearance. Ideal for beginners, offering styling versatility with curly wigs and wavy hairstyles.

What Does 180% Density Mean?

The 180% density wig is a luxurious choice for those desiring an exceptionally full and voluminous look. Popular among actors and celebrities, this heavy-density wig allows for various gorgeous hairstyles, creating a striking visual impact. While slightly pricier than 150% density wigs, the 180% density option caters to big hair enthusiasts, promising a truly lavish and head-turning experience.

What Does 210% Density Mean?

The 210% density wig is an extravagant choice, made with double-drawn bundles, the 210% density wig maintains the thickness of 180% but features super full ends, While delivering a more gorgeous and voluminous appearance compared to 150% and 180% density wigs, demanding meticulous care due to its increased density and richness.

What Does 250% Density Mean?

The heaviest density of wigs. Perfect for those wanting to make a bold statement, especially favored by celebrities at high-profile events. These wigs have the highest amount of hair compared to any other options.

Start With Mshair To Get a Glam Look For You

Understanding wig density is pivotal in achieving a natural and flattering look. At the same time, It allows you to get high-quality virgin human hair wigs, bundles, and hair extensions From Mshair.

In Mshair, most wigs are pre-plucked, making them less thick and dense hairline and gradually transition to be denser, giving the units a more realistic look and feel. If you still have any problem, please consult our customer service to seek a professional answer.

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