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Is Luvme A black owned legitimate company?

Some people have doubt Whether Luvmehair is black owned and legitimate company as it offers affordable prices and versatile styles, Today i will cover the following Knowledge About LUVME hair you should know.


Is Luvme A Legitimate Company?

Is Luvme Hair From China?

What Is Luvme Hair?

How Luvme Compares To Mshair?

Is Luvme A Legitimate Company?

Yes, Luvme Hair is definitely a real&Legit site!! Recently, there have been many Fake websites Impersonate that Name similar to LUVME hair to lead clients to place orders. You can follow Luvme official store on social media like youtube, ins, facebook, and TikTok. Luvme Hair has been trusted by 1M+ customers and high customer return rating.

Is Luvme Hair From China?

Yes, Luvme Hair is based in China and is one of the most popular brands in the country. While the company is based in California, it has warehouses and factories in various countries, including China.

Where Does Luvme Wigs Ship From?

Luvme ships goods from the USA or China, also, you can check the specific page after placing the order to learn detailed logistics information for more accurate inquiry.

What Is Luvme Hair?

luvme hair main page

Luvme Hair is an E-commerce store that provides luscious bundles of weave, closure&frontal, and all kinds of textures and styles of wigs without compromising quality. The owner of Luvmehair is Helena Lee. Initially, Luvme revealed itself in 2017 and developed at a quite rapid growth speed afterward. Now it can be said that they are the industry leaders in the hair industry.

What Is Mshair?

Our brand ModernShow Hair born for beauty, focuses on human hair, constantly develops new products, improves quality, and leads the trend of human hair, besides the hundreds of wig styles, we also carry a variety of different hair pieces from lace front wigs to bundles to ponytails. Mshair has a more ancient history than Luvme hair, which began in 2013 and keeps faith consisting of selling good quality at an affordable price.

How Luvme Vs Mshair Comparision?

If you seek an in-depth comparison between these two well-known hair brands, you're in the right place.

In evaluating Luvme versus Mshair, I will take 7 key aspects into consideration:

Luvme VS Mshair


When it comes to price, the price of Mshair is much lower than luvme hair. In terms of the price, Mshair has an advantage on it. That is because Mshair grants profit to customers and ensures they enjoy the maximum discounts available.

Delivery Policy

Luvme and Mshair are 2-5 Working Days by USPS Ship from the warehouse in the USA, what's more, shipping is free and quick. For international orders except American, the items will be dispatched from a warehouse located in China. The delivery timeframe is 5-7 business days, and shipping services such as DHL, UPS, and TNT will be utilized.

In this competition, both sides are evenly matched.

Hair Quality

Both Luvme and Mshair have adopted high-quality quality 100% Natural Human Hair, and all of the products are strictly inspected before leaving our factory. While making a comparison to this aspect, Luvme and Mshair are equally excellent for the final resultation.


Luvme offers every product with a fixed hair density, However, Mshair’s Human Hair Wigs Density of special hair types like glueless wig or lace frontal wig are available from 150%-250% density, who don’t like having the chance to option? In this point, Mshair Win.

Modern Show Glueless 4x6 Closure Wig

Additionally, you can find that our Hair Length ranges from 3-40 inches in the Mshair store, and we accept Customization for all kinds of colors and styles to meet customers’ demands.

Payment Method

Mshair accept regular payment ways like PayPal, credit, klarna, and installment service. This means you can delay purchasing your order for later. Luvme innovatively uses after-pay and zip, customers can choose one method to pay they like.

Return Refund Rule

Both companies provide a 100% worry-free return guarantee, allowing customers to return products if unsatisfied, with refunds processed within 30 days of delivery. To be honest, it's quite impressive. However, all items must keep the item unused and in the same condition that you received them.

In summary, Luvme and Mshair are tied, delivering excellent after-sales service.

Customer Concern

Luvme and Mshair highlight the customers’ comfortable experience, They all build a special mail to receive any complaints and advice about the product or something else, this aims to listen to the customer's real heart voice and promote maximum satisfaction. Meanwhile, getting a prompt response from the Mshair company is effortless.

Overall, The customer service provided by Mshair and Luvme is exceptional and outstanding.

Final Words

Though Luvme now is leadership in the hair industry, We are constantly striving our best to become a wig influencer brand all the time, serve our customers, and make them happy.

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