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Malaysian vs Brazilian hair which is better

When it comes to human hair weaves and extensions, the top-notch popular hair types are Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair. But which is better for you? In this article, I will share with you the outcome of this battle about Malaysian VS Brazilian Hair.

Malaysian Hair

malaysian hair

Similarly, Malaysian hair originated from Malaysian donors. It is famous for its sleek and silk wave pattern which adds a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle.

This hair keeps a good shape of wave even in a Humid environment.

It especially melts with African American women’s hair texture perfectly.

The colors of true Malaysian hair only appear black and dark brown.

It usually appears Bright and Shiny appearance.

Brazilian Hair

brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is also named Virgin Brazil hair, Brazilian Remy hair with a Coarse and thick nature.  As the name suggests, Brazilian Hair that collected from Brazil. Brazilian Hair is healthy and soft. It's Durability and thick &voluminous density make it stand out.

◆Texture: brazilian hair wigs often come with straight, curly, wavy hair.

It is Smooth and less likely to tangle than other hair types.

Color variety from brown to black shade.

It has a natural Shine to allow it to look excellent.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Malaysian hair

Both Malaysian and Brazilian hair is a top grade virgin human hair. And these two types of hair are also can be straightened, dyed, and permed as you like. And the distinctive between them, I summarize as 4 factors:

Longevity: brazilian human hair wigs usually last longer for 6-8 months,  

Maintenance: Malaysian hair needs a little higher maintenance by using hair care products as it loses its luster after several shampooing, whereas Brazilian hair has virtually no maintenance needed.

Versatile: Brazilian hair provides versatile blending capabilities with many types of hair, it blends very well and offers a seamless look for you. Whereas Malaysian hair commonly comes in a straight texture, and it can’t get wavy after getting wet.

The ability to hold curls: Brazilian hair tends to hold curls better than Malaysian hair and Indian hair. And it is normally thicker and coarser than other virgin bundles.

The Comparison: Malaysian Hair VS Brazilian Hair: Which Is Better

whatever you choose, you always make a perfect decision as a couple of them are excellent. The decision you make depends on your style and preference. For example, if you are in demand for soft and silkier hair textures, Malaysian is best for you. And if you don’t want to invest too much energy in your daily routine, we recommend Brazilian hair. It’s totally up to you.


You can’t define which option is best for you, the important thing you should know is that find a reputable and quality hair brand in the chaotic hair market. Mshair has acquired compliments and trust from our customers, we are looking forward to your visit and being a friend with you.

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