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What Hair Length Is Best For Me

One of the most common questions our co-workers receive is ‘What length is right for themselves’. Choose the best hair length depending on your body type, height, face shape, hairstyle, occasion, and lifestyle. Continue to browse for more information.

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The understanding of hair length differs from person to person. In this article, we'll help clients unpack the different hair lengths to help them gain a clearer understanding of hair length classifications and how to choose the perfect hair length and hairstyle for them.

How To Assess The Difference Of Hair Length

Typical Terms for Hair Length

Use body parts instead of inches to describe how long your hair is or what hairstyle you want to achieve best reflects the corresponding hair length. There are three main types of hair length "short," "medium," and "long" to describe. Next, we explain the interpretation of different hair lengths.

Any hairstyle where your hair will fall over your shoulders is referred to as having short hair. straight hair is less than 12 inches and up to 18 inches for curls. So, short hair includes buzzcuts, pixie cuts (ear-length hair), and bob cuts (chin-length hair). Short hair length does not require much care, just basic care is needed to keep the hair in good condition. Many girls like to use short haircuts to show off their charm and personality.

For different textures of hair, the length of hair is also different, medium-length hair is often 24 to 26 inches long, wavy hair is typically 26 to 28 inches long, and curly hair is typically 28 to 30 inches long. A bun composed of medium-length hair creates a slouchy appearance. Medium-length hair is very suitable for those who do not want to choose short hair and do not want to spend too much time maintaining long hair. Medium-length hair can balance these situations well. long bob which belongs to medium hair, is also named LOB. It is one of the most popular hairstyles in recent years most seen among celebrities.

According to deduction, hair length longer than medium hair is called long hair, Long hair has versatility, and you can make any hairstyle with this length of hair. Long hair is more difficult to care for than short hair. But some girls are attracted by the beauty of long hair and don't care if it takes up their time.

What Is The Best Hair Length

According to the face shape

faceshape chart

Pick the best length that works with your texture and hairstyle. Different face shapes may look better with different hair lengths and hairstyles. So the first thing is finding out what face shape you do not exaggerate. and you need to judge what length of hair you need according to your specific face shape.

Oval Shape:

Girl you are lucky! The oval face shape is recognized as the most perfect face shape, almost any hair length is suitable for you and looks amazing. blunt bob cut is most suitable for those who have oval face shapes.

Round Shape:

just means that your jaw is about the same width as your forehead. Long hair is suitable for round faces, like soft waves, and adding volume can look more cute visually.

Square Shape: 

To balance the prominent skeletal lines of the square face, the layered hairstyle or longer bob  softens their jawline, as opposed to a round face, shorter hair lengths suit a square face.

Heart Shape:

As the name suggests, a heart-shaped face is shaped like a heart, which means the cheekbones and temples are the highest places, and widening the lower half of the face balances out the asymmetry. Shoulder-length hair such as bobs or lobs adds fullness around the jaw with a heart shape and adds wider volume around the jawline. Avoid hairstyles with short bangs and middle part since they may make your chin look narrower.

For face shapes not mentioned above, if you don’t know how to choose your own hair length and hairstyle, you can refer to celebrities with the same face shape as you or ask for help from a stylist.

Hair Texture

The length of the straight hair is the same as the length you choose. If you want to have curly hair lengths of 20 inches, 22 or 24 inches of hair can make a function like this.

Consider The Maintenance

Think about whether you have enough energy to maintain your hair seriously. If you are a busy office girl, a longer style becomes a time-consuming task. Longer hair length may not be for you as it means you spend a lot of time grooming it and you are likely to be late for work! If you enjoy styling your hair with enough time, longer hair allows you to create more interesting hairstyles.


Choosing the right hair length can be decisive in developing your look and your face visibility. If you're not sure which hair length is right for you, it's a good idea to seek out a professional stylist.

girls need to understand that nothing is an absolute measurement, the best hair length is to make yourself feel confident and comfortable, so, girls, face up to your heart bravely, the decision is in your hands.

Last but not least, Mshair Store provides the option to choose a hairstyle according to the face shape, and you only need one click to shop for a face shape that suits you.

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