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How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig

The wig length is a critical factor that should be taken into account when buying a hair wig. Customers ask a question about wig length before they purchase an order of a wig, For example, how long is 16inch?

So, today, I will discuss the topic of specific 16 inch wig length.

16 inch straight closure wig

16 inch wig has a shoulder-length or slightly down to the shoulder, which looks cute and elegant for any age segment of women. It is extraordinarily easy to manage and lightweight. The following section is what you should know about 16-inch wigs.


How Long Is 16 Inch Wig

What Does A 16 Inch Of Wig Look Like

How To Measure A 16 Inch Wig

The Verdict: Is A 16-inch Wig Suitable For Me?

How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig

1 Inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, therefore, the 16-inch wig is also approximately 40 cm wig.

A16 in wig length could reach the area of the shoulder, whereas the same hair length of different hair textures are also different visually. kinky curly wig and deep curly wig look shorter than wavy hair wig, whereas straight hair wig looks longer when compared to curly and wavy wigs.

Usually, To the naked eye, a curly wig is less than 2-3 inches than silky straight hair due to twist. if you buy a 16 inch curly wig length, it would look like 12-14 inches as it really is.

How long is 16 inch hair belongs to medium length by inquiring from the following content.

The Wig length is usually divided into detailed 4 parts, short, medium, and long. ultra-long wig.

Short Length: Short wigs are from anywhere to 10 inches. Pixie cut and bob wig are concluded in short length.

Medium length:12-16 inches come down to medium long hair wig.

Long Length: A long wig 18 long 24 inches is called a long hair wig.

Ultra Long Wig: Extra long wigs come in 26-40 inches that are versatile and unrivaled.

What Does A 16-inch Wig Look Like

16 inch curly wig length chart

 16 inch wig length chart

How To Measure A 16 Inch Wig

how to measure a 16 inch wig length

If you have a straight-hair wig, measure the 16 inches wig length from the crown to the tip.

For Curly/Wavy wigs, measure hair length by gently pulling hair until it’s straight.

In order to testify to the beautiful quality and authenticity of your hair: place the hair system on a wig stand, start by taking some of the hair from the root and holding it up, then take the measuring tape to one end at the root and measure along to the bottom tips of the hair.

Tips: make sure the curly wig is stretched straight to measure the length, the same measurement way goes for it.

The VERDICT: Is A 16-inch Wig Suitable For Me?

Wonder whether a 16-inch wig is best for me, you should find out some aspects.

Know Your Body Shape

If you are a Petite girl, this length is perfect for you. longer hair is bound to look shorter since it makes a comparison with height.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you like to change your hairstyle all the time, the longer hair length is right for you. However, if you would be permanent and consistent in style, alternatively, you prefer to do a low ponytail and short style, a 16-inch length is a good option for you.

Think About The budget

Luckily, you wear a 16-inch without breaking the bank, and a medium wig length is fit for your budget, A 16-inch wig is suitable for those who tend to love long hair with less maintenance.

The Modern Show Hair Best 16-Inch Wig For Your Gorgeous Look



Now you have learned that a 16-inch hair wig is a moderate length since it is neither long nor short. Leave your comment below if you have any ideas.

And if you want to switch up hairstyle with the 16-inch wig, at Mshair, you can get a human hair wig that you admire, allowing you to customize the wig the way you like, we promise that all hair wig at our store is true to length and pure good quality hair material.

If you are also interested in more hair length knowledge, this is a guide  'What Hair Lenght Is Best For Me" to help you understand Different hair lengths.

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