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How Much Lace To Leave On Wig

For the first time, You can Customize lace the way you like after you get a new hairpiece. However, be cautious about dealing with lace, this process is important for the ultimate natural-looking, just follow this article to learn information on ‘how much lace to leave on a wig’.

Having said that, how much lace you leave is an individual choice. Some people prefer cutting it up to the very edge of the hair anyway. There’s not a hard and fast rule on the matter.

pre-cut lace wig

There are some professional answers about 'How much lace should you leave on a wig' that you can reference:

Answer 1:You can leave up to 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) of lace in front of the hairline, Use the hairline of the wig as your guide for cutting the line.

Answer 2: Lace front wigs need to be cut, but not too close to the hairline because the hair will start to come off: The Lace Front needs to be cut 1 - 2 inches from the hairline.

Answer 3:Place a ruler against the lace in a vertical position and place a small dot with a pin at the 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch of the lace front from the left side of the lace where the front lace wig hair and lace meet. The extra length is left to prevent loss of the hairline if the lace begins to fray and needs to be cut off.

overall, all the above answers imply that extra lace should be left to allow your stylization, next I show you how to cut lace properly in the next chapter. Keep reading on.

Transparent Lace On a Wig

How To Cut Lace On A Wig Step-by-Step

Product Required:

razor or scissors, mannequin head, bobby pins, rat-tail comb

1. Pull Your Hair Back

make sure you have your hair just kind of like going back, you want it out of your face and out of your way.

2. Cutting Ear Tap

Cutting off the excess is important to cut the lace that is above your ear because that kind of determines how flat the lace will lay

and then it also determines how comfortable your wig will be. Make sure you don't cut the elastic underneath the construction of the cap, just follow the part that you made you might cut some of it here in the process that's okay and then you can see it's fitting like an actual cap

3. Cutting Lace

It is an easy way to cut lace on a wig head, Starting at the sideburns, use a razor/scissors to cut the lace towards a jagged line across the wig. Get as close to the hairline as you can without cutting the wispy hairs.

If you want to know more detailed cutting knowledge, just check the post ‘How to cut lace front to look natural’

All you should know about cutting lace

Q: what if I cut the lace too short?

A:There are a couple of real reviews, check them out below:

  1. Never cut lace too short, otherwise, unfortunately, there’s not much we can do besides replace the entire frontal by buying another frontal, cutting out the current one, and sewing the new uncut frontal to the old base.
  1. I don't think there's much that can be done once it's cut though. =/ It seems like it's still totally wear

Q: Why Should Leave Lace On Your Lace Wig?

A: On the one hand, leaving a little lace space can prevent any hair from coming out and protect your natural hair underneath the wig.

On the other hand, leave it a bit longer to make the lace more area to glue, and then just blend it with makeup after.

Q: What Should You Do When Cutting Lace?

A: 1. Hold the lace taut as you cut so you won't accidentally cut off too much lace.

2. In order to make the wig unnoticeable, you should cut away the lace around the front in a zig-zag motion to create a seamless hairline look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned how much lace to leave on your lace wig, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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